11 June 2015

Lowe's Innovation Labs & 3D printing

The Lowe’s Companies created Lowe’s Innovation Labs to develop technologies that create new experiences for consumers. In April, the Labs introduced an in-store 3D scanning and printing service to Orchard Supply Hardware of Mountain View to help DIY customers get a vision out of their head and bring it to life in a physical object.
You can buy a 3D printer at Home Depot and many other retailers. But the real story here isn't the Lowe's Innovation Lab or 3D printing.Its is the rapid early adoption of a new technology. We are finding government and corporations running fast toward innovation and improvement. What we see with 3D printing is one of fastest adoptions of tech in our history. Human centered design is king. From retail to digital experiences we are more focused on this spectrum of innovation to improvement than ever before. Both require a different mindset. For retailers it is a constant evaluation of where they fall within that spectrum. Another interesting retail test from Lowe's: Retail Service Robots
Source Forbes

14 August 2014

Learning how to make gifs is so much fun.

My first gifs!
They aren't the world's most amazing but it was fantastic to learn how.
I think I'm going to do one a week to keep playing.

11 July 2014

My blog might be dying.

I kinda hope not but lets be real.

After two kids, two promotions and a lot of work with very little time to get it all done and still see my husband, the blog and my online life have been neglected. I don't have a life threatening disease or anything.

I've seen others have kids and move-Allen Peters, Crystal Barlow-Jensen). But I'm struggling to keep up. I have about 3 years of work to put on my portfolio and I'd rather play with my littles.
up without leaving their digital lives behind (

I struggle to get everything done in a day but I think with some thoughtful planning I can be back on track.

I will not keep this blog as active as I used to but when I need to express myself for feel the need to add to our "online noise", its a click away.

08 October 2013

Vine and Breaking Bad

I'm such a proud mama...well so to speak. Kyle G, a designer on my team here at Periscope, commissioned illustrator Allen Brewer to illustrate AMC Breaking Bad's main charter Walter White for one of the clients we love working on Cox Communication. Wow that was a long sentence.

With this year's season finale, Kyle wanted to showcase Walter's 5 seasons of change during the coarse of the show.

The collaboration was just brilliant. Hats off Kyle.

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27 September 2013

I first learned of Stephen Hawking from my mother at an early age. I'm still in awe of this man. He is able imagine, solve and explain great mysteries of the Universe without ever writing anything down. I have to write a grocery list. I can't imagine defining black wholes and solving quantum physics equations without the use of a pen.

While I do believe in God and Jesus, Mr. Hawking may always wonder. That is his brilliance. I have to think a great mind like his is a believer.

ABC interview

Time interview

26 June 2013

The chore of shopping into an art

Brendan O'Connell an artist is taking packaging as his main inspiration. 
Quotes of this week:

Share and share a like. 

Simply is never easy. 

Let your words speak like, not death. 
(meaning speak loving words, not words of destruction)

(not sure who said any of the above, but they sure are great.)

21 May 2013

Target Summer Promotion

It is so funny to see summer finally here in Minnesota. Here is Target's Summer Overlay. I'm a sucker for really interesting displays and typography. 

We had an idea for a summer promotion last year that was super hero themed. While I'm glad for many reasons we didn't go in that direction, this is classic and fun. 

My only wish was to see more of it around other areas of the store. 

Save up, super Moms. 

I did buy the plate, placemate and cup for Charlie. He loved it!