28 December 2005

I Grew Up...

I am noticing more and more that I am away from home, that I grew up with crazy people. I don't know how they do it, but we seem to function as a loving family unit.

Maybe it is because we are Greek. We are not very, very Greek in terms of traditions, but we are Greek in terms of how we can communicate to one another. The volume is never on low when conversing, it is always at a 10.

For example, everyone will be talking at the same time yet absorbing everything the other person is saying. Or we will be speaking Greek and English at the same time. If we don't want anyone else to know what we are saying, especially in a public place, we will speak in Greek. Especially if we are talking about people around us.

Yes this is bad, yes, it is not the best way to communicate. But this is seems to be the only way it works.

Maybe it is because we are a creative bunch. We all want the speaking floor, we all want to be heard, we all want to perform and be stars. This is not all that bad, be it can be confusing at times how to watch and listen to first.

Okay, maybe everyone else's family's are the crazy ones and my family is normal. If you ask PC Napoleon, what is normal you might be crazing into your sharpie while doing 1,000 sketches on the topic.

When we are not around each other, we seem to function as "normal" people... but how would I really know that if I'm not around them everyday.

So I come from the Crazies... it could be worse. So if the reason is being Greek, well I am only half Greek... so that means I am only half crazy.

Mr. Agnew seems to have a cure for the Crazies...Tylenol. And lots of it.

07 December 2005

Best Customer Service Ever!

My windshield whippers have not been working correctly, so I go to Pep Boys today to have them check it out. They were horrible to me and just to look at the car it was going to be $40. Not only is that outrageous, the man behind the counter seemed to act like I was bothering him. Well, I left shortly after and went to the one place I have ever been given the best customer service in auto care... FIRESTONE on Howell Mill. They were so nice to be, they didn't even charge me anything and they fixed the problem. So I went across the street and bought them all Arby's sandwiches. They manager at Arby's cut me a deal as well and only charged me a buck a sandwich. I believe if someone does something good to you, you should pay it back. Those men today at Firestone really made my day and that is the only place I ever want to work on my car. I know they are going to give me a fair deal and they are going to treat me well.

The Greatest Gift

It something you can't buy or return. You can't wrap with a bow or put in a gift bag. It is something we take for granted and sometimes forget to make the most of when spending it. You can run out of it, so be sure to spend it wisely. You can have it pass you by if you don't take it when needed. It can be the greatest and worst thing to have but to give it with love and compassion is the gift of this life.

The most precious thing you can ever give to anyone is your time.

In Memory

Grandma and Grandpa Joplin
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I still miss her...
It has been 5 weeks since my grandmother passed away. I received and email from my Aunt Virginia about her trip to the States back in Sept. She shared her photos with me... This was a month almost to the date before she passed away on Oct. 20, 05. She died of colon cancer and weighed 65lbs. when she died.

Life is short and I now think to live it with love in my heart and mind, compassion and truth. I will miss her this Christmas. It is such a time of celebration, but it will also be a time of reflection. I want to do the things that are most important to me and I want my time to be with those I love and doing what is right and good.

05 December 2005


Update on me:
No ring, No job, No move ... well yet.
1. I did get the job in Montreal, but my government contract to work in Canada didn't go through. The company I was going to work for is not going to hire anyone until the new year or later.
2. On to plan B, move to Minneapolis as planned before Canada and live with Sandy, Mark's sister who lives 10mins from downtown, until Mark finishes is school contract in June. After shortly moving there I have as of last week one interview set up for the last week of Jan.
3. Plan C-- today Hallmark called and said they were interested in me still. They called to let me know I am up for a typography position and I will know late next week. So plan B might become plan C and plan C might become plan B. You know?
4. NO RING, NO BLING, and yes it sometimes stings. Well, Mark says to me it is only a matter of time. To the layman this means, please be patient.

The lesson I am learn, is two fold: 1.Have some patience and 2. be flexible.

So if you asked me if I'm excited, I would say no, but be yelling inside YES I AM, AND COULD SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO ME IN THE NEXT 4 WEEKS PLEASE.

30 November 2005

Its Over...

Me and Angela
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This past weekend Angela's big day came and went. I was glad to have gone but the time seemed to fly bye. She is now are her honey moon with friends and family on a ship. I know she is have a good time as the new "Mrs." We all seemed to have a good time. Most people got a stomach flu that day and well it wasn't pretty. Thank you god, that I did not get that cold. They were dropping like flies.

The wedding was a Greek affair with all the cousin from out of town in and it was so good to see everyone. I am so glad I was able to attend. I enjoyed all of it and I spent most of my time with the Grandparents and me mum. I really needed to see them again at such a happy affair. Its was hard at times. With great change comes great things.

21 November 2005

Thankgiving 2005

Thankgiving 2005
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Wow, Thanksgiving seemed to come early this year. Mark will be in Minn. to attend Ben and Trisha's wedding and I will be in Florida to attend Angela and Mike's big day. It is wonderful to be invited but sad to be divided this holiday. So we decided to have it early so at least we break bread together. I am not sure of the reasons why these couples wanted to get married at such a hard time to travel and busy time of year but I am glad to see them find happiness and love that will hopefully last a lifetime. The best gift you can ever give to anyone is time. Time is something you can never get back so as my Grandma Milly would say use it wisely.

18 November 2005

My Angels

Boston Design Confernce 05'
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AM and K are my angels when it comes time to help me with any book making, freak out moments etc. I just think they are such joyful, happy people anyone could ever meet. As you can see their excitement for life spills over in this picture and into their everyday lives. My Angels.

17 November 2005

Copping a feel?

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Crazy night but I am not touching their breasts. Althought I thought about not sharing this photo, but it was to funny. AM face is classic and Joy is haveing way to much fun.

Crazy Eyes...

i am the devil
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I know your watching me. All the time. You Stocker you. I know I have moved because of your issues of watching me. I guess I just got it like that. Crazy devil eyes!

Clyde and I

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Mark and I on a date! Wow a real date.

PC Napoleon Is Awesome

He totally came through for me. He spoke with Julie from Cananda yesterday! Good things my friends, good things. I will get an offical offer from them soon. I hope this week. PC Napoleon, thinks it is a a done deal and so do I. I just need to decide what I am going to do. I would be crazy to say no, but I am really going to miss Mark. I guess we will see.

11 November 2005


Everything I own is packed

If I have everything packed why am I so nervous. I really want the move to go well. You know what they say about bad things happening in threes, well we are way past the number, so I am just wondering when the string of crap is going to end. I hope my gray cloud has passed.
I just love to move. I want to do it every day forever. The shear sound of tape on cardboard makes me happy.
When will it end!

PC Napoleon Cancelled


He is like the busiest man I think I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Monday, Monday, Monday...Monster Portfolio Deadline. Don't Miss it. It is going to be unbelievable... I feel like am at a monster truck event and PC Napoleon is the Announcer with a rough southern flair.

Wish me luck!

10 November 2005


Living up to Code

I am moving again and it wont be the last time. I will most likely have to move at least 3 more times in the next year. I am just leaving some things in boxes until we finally move to Minn. It is just to much. I can't wait to not move for a while. Wish me luck, I will need it. I am still sick but on the drugs, so it is getting better and Clyde and I have been packing all week.
Saturday is the big day! Clyde is so excited because as he says " we are finally going to live up to code." We are moving from a 1940's apt to a 2005 apt. so he is just tickled pink!

Oh Canada!

Find out this week
I might be working in Canada come January! I met with PC Napoleon tomorrow to discuss it with the human resource lady at Diesel.

Here is their website: www.dieselmarketing.com

They have their own in house chief people! Holy Crap! Wish me luck.

Its On!

Yes! I am going to the wedding and I got back the freelance job.
Since my computer was stolen and my desktop at school was fried, I didn't have anyway of working for my freelance design job. Problem solved! "Mr. B" let me have it back after interviewing someone else from the PC and having it "not go well." When he said, "I'm glad you called," that was a shy of relief.

To also make some more money, I am working an hourly at the "TCS". It is great there and they have so many great products. I just want to take the whole store home. I get a great discount. 40 percent off everything! and they pay well.

So the empty pockets are not so empty but they still aren't full because I really need to replace my computer. But where there is a will, there is a way. Not such any computer, an Apple. It has to meet my needs, so not just any apple, but the pro series. So far, when I thought it just wasn't possible it has worked out.

Don't know about X-mas but at least I get to fulfill my obligations for November. December is another issue.

Happy Turkey Day in advance!

01 November 2005

She's back!

With a cold.

I still have a cold but it is getting better. Clyde and I move next week. There is so much to do today and for the next 2 months. I CAN'T wait until Jan. 1, 2006!

My sister leaves today to set out on her journey sailing around the globe. I wish her the best and we will talk soon. How exciting for Miss Patricia! She is going to have such an amazing time. I hope they send a message in a bottle. You never know where it could end up!

My grandpa is adjusting to his new life without Milly. I think it is going to take sometime. It was a good trip home. I can't say to much more but I might write about it later.

Nona Artimis is engaged! and just got into a car accident breaking her nose, and cheek bones. It has been good news, bad news this year.

All for now, more to come!

Nooney, Nooner!

Ode to My Nooner

Nooner's Most Memorable:
1. Flying me out to Vail Colorado and picking me up 1:30 mins late, getting her car towed my airport security and making it the best snow/ski trip ever!

2. Being brave enough to let me use her car. (If you have driven with me you can understand!)

3. Grilling-out parties!

4. Steeling her shoes for ransom

5. Halloween Party of the Year!

6. Completely freaking-out in excitement when we see each other after a long time apart.

7. Being on of the most amazing people I have ever had the privilege to call my friend.

She is one of my long time friends from college and has many hidden talents. Burping the ABC's to grilling a baked bean.

I miss her too much! She is pretty top-shelf! I love her more than my luggage.

She put it so well and I just wanted to share it!

"Damn, do we have a lot to catch up on!!!! It just made me realize that we both are moving at 90 miles an hour and now we don't even know what highway the other is on...."

How true, but every time we talk it is as if we never stopped!

26 October 2005

Good Luck to My PC PEEPS

Congrats! and Good Luck!

I am so proud of all of you. In some many ways you all have transformed from when we all first meet 2 years ago. I am proud of all your accomplishments and I wish you big bank accounts and fat wallets.

You have earned it! Enjoy New York, and the next few months finding your first fabulous job. Please drop me aline every now and then.

Many blesses, and good luck!

Joke of the day is back!

My favorite Joke

What did the Hanger say to the Hat?

"You go on ahead, and I'll hang around."

New York New York

I was planning on going to New York this week, instead I have decided to go home until Monday. So old folks and retirees here I come. The land of tourism and pink flamingos.

I miss Florida and it will be good to be back near the water and my peeps. The Big Fat Greek Family is expecting me and I am sure they have already planned my schedule.

Grandma Milly, is not having a funeral or a memorial she was never very religious. It is sad. This person existed and it seems as though not one really cared that she is gone now. So, Mom and I have pushed to have something at the Orthodox Church. We can't really have a service in her name but after Sunday services, we can say some prayers for her sole.

It is still hard to believe that there will be no formal service in her honor. I guess that is way faith is so important. It marks our life events. Birth, coming to adulthood, marriage, and death. Without faith in a higher power one is left pondering life's struggles, achievements etc.

One day at a time and the time you give to others is truly a gift.

24 October 2005

Eye on the Tiger!


PC Napoleon says to "keep your eye on the tiger," in his deep southern accent. I think Napoleon has a point. But isn't it "eye of the tiger." When I sing the song that is what I remember.

Napoleon was really helpful and assured me all would work out. He said he would help me get contact in Minn. I am not sure when I will get to the great city. I have so many things coming up.

Napoleon wants me to focus all my energy into positive activities and thoughts. He said one really good thing I never expected him to say, which was that he wished he would of had more of a hand in my portfolio and that my ideas have always been good and solid. He said, he wished he would of pushed me more. That caught me off guard, but I realized he says what he means and does what he says. You just have to remind the good general to do it.

So "Eye on the tiger, sunshine!"

I'm still here.

What now?

Now that I have finished my portfolio, I'm some what free, what now. It seemed like sign-off flew by, graduation came and went. What now?
I have been knocked off my horse as an good cowgirl would be, but I have gotten back up and dusted myself off, what am I going to do with myself.

I am planning to go home for 5 days, then back to the HOT ALANTA for a second round of pack this move that. We move into our new digs Nov. 12! I am just going to keep all my stuff in boxes. Then the insanity begins. Thanksgiving, wedding, and I wish it would be over then but they had to go and have Christmas before the new year.

I can't wait for the year to be over and start fresh. i am still here, with no job... well yet. I might be moving to "Oh Canada" in Montreal for a design JOB. I am working on it now and will know by next week if I got the job.

I am still here and figuring it out. I haven't lost hope just tried of trying to find it sometimes.

There is always good in the bad.

So many horrible things have happen to me in and my family in the last 4 days. I would never of thought it could get so bad all at once.

Thursday was great! I had the best time with Kody and Joy from Project M. We spent the whole day loading computers and office supplies for victims of hurricane Katrina. If felt so good to do something for others in need.

The 3 of us come home to my apt. to find someone who had broken in my apt. window and stolen my computer. This was the day before graduation. The first thing I thought was, I didn't back up my handheld books. Then I freaked out.

The police came a lifted 3 prints off the glass that was broken, and the door handle. I hope they catch who ever stole my computer, but I don't think I will ever see that thing again. It was the only thing I worked for and paid for on my own. And as a designer, I can't do my work without it. It would be like going to a hospital and the nurse saying sorry I don't have any drugs or blood to give you.

It gets worse.........

30mins later I call my mother to let her know what happened and she tells me my grandmother has pass away earlier that day. She was diagnosed with colin caner in Sept. She died weighing 65 lbs. My Thia Sophie died in June of breast cancer. I was vulnerable and freaked out again.

I tried to enjoy my graduate school ceremony. 7 years of hard work but I wasn't in the part mood. I spent the past 3 day re creating files and making books. I would not of been able to finish without the help of AM or KT.

It doesn't end there... I wish it did.
Today, I found out my dad is now in the hospital.... not sure what will happen there. And now i have canceled my trip to New York with Mom and will go home for the memorial of my grandmother.

I am still here. I have not given up. I am hoping something good will come of all of this.
Many blesses,

14 October 2005

Pin Wheel of DEATH.

I just want to get this silly but done and the program I am working in is driving me crazy. The pinwheel of death comes on when I least want it to. I just need to get through it until TUESDAY!

TUESDAY and I am finished with school. It have been such a long journey and I am finally ready to start a career. Finding the right job though will be challenging.

Many blesses to fellow PCers. See you Friday!

04 October 2005

Procrastination is a good thing.

The real definition

I see procrastination as nothing more than needing to get mentally ready for your next task. It is not a waste of time, but a reflection of time. It is when I get my best ideas. When i stew, fester, mull if you will over what I need to do.

Also finding something else to do other than what you need to be doing is truly a skill. One of my many hidden talents. Not everyone can do that.

See, those who do not understand the beauty of feeling the crunch, feeling the stress, can't have an apperication for procrastination. Creatives alike can understand the shear thrill of driving yourself crazy just before a deadline. Exspecially one that is very important, something you really don't want to fail at.

So, I have embrassed this word long enough. I am setting it free now. I have 14 days to make my portfolio happen. I have procrastinated enough! I leave this word to all the new soon to be grads, this is what I want to pass on.
As Yiayia would say, "It is better to do something, than nothing at all."

03 October 2005

Crap on a stick!

It really can get worse sometimes

My fam. is falling apart, figuratively and quite literally. No-na, has sprained her ankle, had a large piece of furniture dropped on her head and it was not once but twice in the same day. She now has 4 stitches in her head.

Mom thought she was having a heart-attack, went the emergency room and found out it was only a pulled muscle in her shoulder.

Sutt-Sutt couldn't breath and went to the er and I'm actually not sure what was the cause.

Grandma is 87 pounds and says to me all my life I wanted to be thin and now I'm too thin; how did that happen.

Oh and it is not only Fam. but friends around me...AM almost lost a toe, well toe-nail, half my classmates have scabies, which just creeps me out, lady at work has a really bad cough. Seriously it sound like she is coughing up a lung. Gross!

I am just wondering when the crap is going to come to "yours truely".

Scabies, Scabies, Crazies!

Thank you Lord!

My two lovely neighboors AM and K think they have scabies. In Boston, many of our PC classmate brought a little more home than what they put in their suitcases. Infested with body lice! SCABIES. Who gets that anyway. Well there are about 15 people who have it and we all have come into contact with them in Boston, when we came home, at school etc.

K, has even gone to Cali and back. I don't think the lovely twosome have it. I roomed with them and thank the dear lord I don't have it.

Poor, Poor A. Mom wants to give A some comfort. She is a nurse, so her response has to be good. (you must not know my mom) Mom says, bag ladies get it all the time. If they can get through it so can A.

Bean Town and Beyond

Boston was great. Great roomies, great food, not so great weather, great speakers, great paper. It was great. It seems like so long ago. Well now that I'm back I have less than two weeks to graduate. I have sent my thank you's and that has been such a success. So many people now are giving me contacts to firms in Minneapolis and New York.
I keep getting asked the same questions over and over, so what are you going to do after graduation. First I need to finish my projects.

3. Finish my website
4. Interview for Internships aboard or in New York City- work from Jan.to May
5. Interview for Jobs in Minneapolis
6. Have fun in New York with Mom
7. Kick ass at New York Review
8. Too the 9's for A and M's wedding!
9. Make thought the Holiday
10. Move Mark to new appartment
11. Relocate myself in January
12. Have fun doing it all!

14 September 2005

Hello Kitty saved my life.

It is hard to explain, but in my time of need, I looked down and saw the pink box with a kitty cat face and a nice cute pink bow, and I knew. I just knew it was going to be okay. A small pink punch hole that was the exact size of my portfolio rods. The exact size I needed. Not to big, not to small, Hello Kitty Saved the DAY!

The big bad world bit me in my ass today and if it wasn't for AM or Susie Q, Clyde, and Hello Kitty, I wouldn't of made it. In fact, today was one of the worst days that I have had in a really long time. Thank goodness for good friends and the little pink kitty cat.

If I do well in BeanTown, it will be with deep thanks and credit to that cutie-pie of a cat. THANK GOD FOR Hello Kitty.

12 September 2005

I have Plumber's Butt.

Working out for the past month and a half has been great with AM in the a.m. (ha ha thats funny). In true rockstar style, I feel like I am getting stronger each week. The hotmama-sieta pants are just within my reach and this past week all my panties have been really big in the butt. Pulling them up all the time is hard work.

I have still not weighed my self, thinking if I don't know the number than well, I don't know. I am just scared to look at the scale. There, I said it. And whatever I did loose, I don't want to know in two weeks that it came back. Besides it is just water weight.

Sometimes I wish there was a machine that I could just plugg-in and have the fat sucked right out me. Like a vacuum. You could eat cake and then vacuum in out at the end of the week.

I have been watching celebrity fit club and some how it has kept me motivated. 100 days of working out and I think I will finally see some really results.

10 September 2005

Down to Zero

The name of a really good 70's song that has so much meaning on this 4th anniversay of 9-11. We haven't really recovered from that day. Our lives and perceptions of the world changed that morning. It is a moment that you remember where you were when you found out the news of what happened in New York.

I had just gotten off working an all nighter, and was so sleepy. The shop had been so busy. It was a little after 9am and my neighbor Dawn said "did you hear the news, can you believe it?" I had no clue what she was talking about. And all she could say, while dialing her cell phone was it was hit by a plane, the trade center tower was hit by a plane. He father worked there, an accounting firm. He was in the second tower, which was pretty empty after the first hit, he was okay. Dawn didn't find that out for 4 long hours.

I remember watching the news as the second tower was hit by the second plane. I couldn't believe this was the news and not a film set or behind the scenes of an action movie. I watched in amazement and really didn't understand what was happening. I looked at my calendar and said to my roommate Sandra 9.11.01. long pause 9.1.1. we both dropped our jaws at the same time and thought no way. What does all of this mean. We were suddenly so scared, and didn't know what to call this event, or if it was something that was going to happen to us too.

I still don't know the one word or phrase that would best describe that day. Next month I will be in New York. I have not been since Oct. 2000. I really want to go an pay my respects you all of the firefighters and innocent people that died.

Down to zero just seems so appropriate today. As my Yiayai (Grandma in Greek) would say, forgive but never forget. Learn your history and try not repeat it.


What ever happened to people keeping their word. Did they not learn that when you say you will do something, that you really do, do it. Wow, I feel like I am introducing a new concept sometimes. As if no one had ever said to them, that you should follow through with what you have committed to.

I could say I will do a lot of things, but with out action, you are just as good as your word. I feel like I'm in slow motion watching a bad 50s' teen movie and agreeing with the guy...
"Hey hon, why all all talk and no action." It is just sick.

And what really irritates me is when someone does a half ass-job of committing. Shows up some of the time, or lets you know right before meeting. I want to pull out my hair! And they don't do it once, but over and over... and the reasons become more ridiculous and irresponsible.

I guess it is better when they do that then NOT SHOWING UP AT ALL! NO CALL, EMAIL, NOTHING. I swear I feel like I got stood up on a date or I'm all dressed up for a formal and the date doesn't show up. Looking my best with no where to go. WORD!

PLEASE DEAR LORD: My one request of the day, is to not put people in my life, who abuse my commitment to them. You give them a hand and they take your arm. Not all people are like that and things do happen, but over and over again and I have had enough.

OH! what is really rich is when they question my own responsibility. OH! thats good, someone who can't follow through, who is late for everything, unorganized, doesn't show up at meetings is now going to question my word. Rich, really rich.

As you can see, I have had enough with the bullshit. Love, Peace and understanding is what I want to do each and everyday and today it will be hard.

06 September 2005

Attention, Attention, Fall has arrived!

I'm loving it! Can't be any better. It is so cool and dry, a much need break.
The signs that my favorite seasons has begun: Fall. I am in love.
Things you can do in the fall while looking Fabulous:

1. Let your locks hang down, blowing in the wind.
2. 3/4" sleeves back out of storage
3. Watch maintenance rack up leaves while wearing a scarf
4. Not sweating the moment you step out side
5. Sipping tea while your boyfriend takes out the trash
6. Open up all the garden windows in your apt.
7. Watch your garden pinwheels spin with inspiration
8. Collect leaves that have changed color
9. Boost to family in Florida about not sweating
10. Send mom leaves that she will get all crafty

I just love Fall!

05 September 2005

Ode to Allen Orr By:Me

With out this man I would never finish.
He gives advice and feedback freely.
What would I do without Pallen Poor, I mean Allen Orr.
He is the wireless mouse I accidentally spilled coffee on.
He is my "Embassdor of Kawn".
My Yoda.
My design guru.
My maharishi.
Thank God for Allen Orr.


A lot can happen in 43 days. I have so much to do and so little time. And people are such idots. "So your in 8th quarter, do you like it? I heard it is terrible and the last person I spoke to said they hated it." I want to just scream when stupid people ask stupid questions! (instead I throw) 43 days to go and I wont have to answer another stupid question about finish-up school again!

So far, I love it. Its great, amazing, wonderful, exciting, rewarding, and at times stressful. But not one all nighter yet! But lots of throwing things. And yes this is something I can't seem to control. But it is improving.

Today, I only threw one book, greatly improved from my record last week. (lets just keep it at that) It just feels so good to throw the object on the ground and do it like you mean it. Oh! I think I would be bald if I didn't. Like the rockstar I am, I only have everything else to finish expect for the photography.

I hope I survive the next 43 days. But then again "NO PRESSURE"- m.c.

03 September 2005

MuchaCha Night For Big A's B-Day!

A's b-day crown
Originally uploaded by meshlbelle.
Like the Hot Mamasieta that I am, we did it up for A's big day. And yes I stayed out all night ( I left at 11:30pm). Wow, I am getting old.
We missed Pallen Poor, mr. I am to busy to come out for a night of fun. But I'm not bitter. We had a really good time and did it up like inner Rockstars we are.

Things that can go wrong on someone else's birthday:
1. Cars Towed
2. Sitting on a wet seat
3. Standing in line to pee when your bladder wants to burst
4. Drinking someone else's beer
5. Inviting Pallen Poor
6. Almost tripping in very sexy highheeled black shoes
7. Looking around to see if anyone saw you almost bust your ass
8. Waking-up and wondering why your still in your Hotmamasieta clothes.

Complicated my ass!

Wow, I feel so techno smart right now. I hope this works considering I have no real idea want I am doing. Lets just see how "user friendly" it is.
"User Friendly" is just another way of saying dumb-ass who can't understand/read directions. "I can't read", says Sally crying. And no, i really didn't read how to create a blogg.