14 September 2005

Hello Kitty saved my life.

It is hard to explain, but in my time of need, I looked down and saw the pink box with a kitty cat face and a nice cute pink bow, and I knew. I just knew it was going to be okay. A small pink punch hole that was the exact size of my portfolio rods. The exact size I needed. Not to big, not to small, Hello Kitty Saved the DAY!

The big bad world bit me in my ass today and if it wasn't for AM or Susie Q, Clyde, and Hello Kitty, I wouldn't of made it. In fact, today was one of the worst days that I have had in a really long time. Thank goodness for good friends and the little pink kitty cat.

If I do well in BeanTown, it will be with deep thanks and credit to that cutie-pie of a cat. THANK GOD FOR Hello Kitty.

12 September 2005

I have Plumber's Butt.

Working out for the past month and a half has been great with AM in the a.m. (ha ha thats funny). In true rockstar style, I feel like I am getting stronger each week. The hotmama-sieta pants are just within my reach and this past week all my panties have been really big in the butt. Pulling them up all the time is hard work.

I have still not weighed my self, thinking if I don't know the number than well, I don't know. I am just scared to look at the scale. There, I said it. And whatever I did loose, I don't want to know in two weeks that it came back. Besides it is just water weight.

Sometimes I wish there was a machine that I could just plugg-in and have the fat sucked right out me. Like a vacuum. You could eat cake and then vacuum in out at the end of the week.

I have been watching celebrity fit club and some how it has kept me motivated. 100 days of working out and I think I will finally see some really results.

10 September 2005

Down to Zero

The name of a really good 70's song that has so much meaning on this 4th anniversay of 9-11. We haven't really recovered from that day. Our lives and perceptions of the world changed that morning. It is a moment that you remember where you were when you found out the news of what happened in New York.

I had just gotten off working an all nighter, and was so sleepy. The shop had been so busy. It was a little after 9am and my neighbor Dawn said "did you hear the news, can you believe it?" I had no clue what she was talking about. And all she could say, while dialing her cell phone was it was hit by a plane, the trade center tower was hit by a plane. He father worked there, an accounting firm. He was in the second tower, which was pretty empty after the first hit, he was okay. Dawn didn't find that out for 4 long hours.

I remember watching the news as the second tower was hit by the second plane. I couldn't believe this was the news and not a film set or behind the scenes of an action movie. I watched in amazement and really didn't understand what was happening. I looked at my calendar and said to my roommate Sandra 9.11.01. long pause 9.1.1. we both dropped our jaws at the same time and thought no way. What does all of this mean. We were suddenly so scared, and didn't know what to call this event, or if it was something that was going to happen to us too.

I still don't know the one word or phrase that would best describe that day. Next month I will be in New York. I have not been since Oct. 2000. I really want to go an pay my respects you all of the firefighters and innocent people that died.

Down to zero just seems so appropriate today. As my Yiayai (Grandma in Greek) would say, forgive but never forget. Learn your history and try not repeat it.


What ever happened to people keeping their word. Did they not learn that when you say you will do something, that you really do, do it. Wow, I feel like I am introducing a new concept sometimes. As if no one had ever said to them, that you should follow through with what you have committed to.

I could say I will do a lot of things, but with out action, you are just as good as your word. I feel like I'm in slow motion watching a bad 50s' teen movie and agreeing with the guy...
"Hey hon, why all all talk and no action." It is just sick.

And what really irritates me is when someone does a half ass-job of committing. Shows up some of the time, or lets you know right before meeting. I want to pull out my hair! And they don't do it once, but over and over... and the reasons become more ridiculous and irresponsible.

I guess it is better when they do that then NOT SHOWING UP AT ALL! NO CALL, EMAIL, NOTHING. I swear I feel like I got stood up on a date or I'm all dressed up for a formal and the date doesn't show up. Looking my best with no where to go. WORD!

PLEASE DEAR LORD: My one request of the day, is to not put people in my life, who abuse my commitment to them. You give them a hand and they take your arm. Not all people are like that and things do happen, but over and over again and I have had enough.

OH! what is really rich is when they question my own responsibility. OH! thats good, someone who can't follow through, who is late for everything, unorganized, doesn't show up at meetings is now going to question my word. Rich, really rich.

As you can see, I have had enough with the bullshit. Love, Peace and understanding is what I want to do each and everyday and today it will be hard.

06 September 2005

Attention, Attention, Fall has arrived!

I'm loving it! Can't be any better. It is so cool and dry, a much need break.
The signs that my favorite seasons has begun: Fall. I am in love.
Things you can do in the fall while looking Fabulous:

1. Let your locks hang down, blowing in the wind.
2. 3/4" sleeves back out of storage
3. Watch maintenance rack up leaves while wearing a scarf
4. Not sweating the moment you step out side
5. Sipping tea while your boyfriend takes out the trash
6. Open up all the garden windows in your apt.
7. Watch your garden pinwheels spin with inspiration
8. Collect leaves that have changed color
9. Boost to family in Florida about not sweating
10. Send mom leaves that she will get all crafty

I just love Fall!

05 September 2005

Ode to Allen Orr By:Me

With out this man I would never finish.
He gives advice and feedback freely.
What would I do without Pallen Poor, I mean Allen Orr.
He is the wireless mouse I accidentally spilled coffee on.
He is my "Embassdor of Kawn".
My Yoda.
My design guru.
My maharishi.
Thank God for Allen Orr.


A lot can happen in 43 days. I have so much to do and so little time. And people are such idots. "So your in 8th quarter, do you like it? I heard it is terrible and the last person I spoke to said they hated it." I want to just scream when stupid people ask stupid questions! (instead I throw) 43 days to go and I wont have to answer another stupid question about finish-up school again!

So far, I love it. Its great, amazing, wonderful, exciting, rewarding, and at times stressful. But not one all nighter yet! But lots of throwing things. And yes this is something I can't seem to control. But it is improving.

Today, I only threw one book, greatly improved from my record last week. (lets just keep it at that) It just feels so good to throw the object on the ground and do it like you mean it. Oh! I think I would be bald if I didn't. Like the rockstar I am, I only have everything else to finish expect for the photography.

I hope I survive the next 43 days. But then again "NO PRESSURE"- m.c.

03 September 2005

MuchaCha Night For Big A's B-Day!

A's b-day crown
Originally uploaded by meshlbelle.
Like the Hot Mamasieta that I am, we did it up for A's big day. And yes I stayed out all night ( I left at 11:30pm). Wow, I am getting old.
We missed Pallen Poor, mr. I am to busy to come out for a night of fun. But I'm not bitter. We had a really good time and did it up like inner Rockstars we are.

Things that can go wrong on someone else's birthday:
1. Cars Towed
2. Sitting on a wet seat
3. Standing in line to pee when your bladder wants to burst
4. Drinking someone else's beer
5. Inviting Pallen Poor
6. Almost tripping in very sexy highheeled black shoes
7. Looking around to see if anyone saw you almost bust your ass
8. Waking-up and wondering why your still in your Hotmamasieta clothes.

Complicated my ass!

Wow, I feel so techno smart right now. I hope this works considering I have no real idea want I am doing. Lets just see how "user friendly" it is.
"User Friendly" is just another way of saying dumb-ass who can't understand/read directions. "I can't read", says Sally crying. And no, i really didn't read how to create a blogg.