05 September 2005


A lot can happen in 43 days. I have so much to do and so little time. And people are such idots. "So your in 8th quarter, do you like it? I heard it is terrible and the last person I spoke to said they hated it." I want to just scream when stupid people ask stupid questions! (instead I throw) 43 days to go and I wont have to answer another stupid question about finish-up school again!

So far, I love it. Its great, amazing, wonderful, exciting, rewarding, and at times stressful. But not one all nighter yet! But lots of throwing things. And yes this is something I can't seem to control. But it is improving.

Today, I only threw one book, greatly improved from my record last week. (lets just keep it at that) It just feels so good to throw the object on the ground and do it like you mean it. Oh! I think I would be bald if I didn't. Like the rockstar I am, I only have everything else to finish expect for the photography.

I hope I survive the next 43 days. But then again "NO PRESSURE"- m.c.

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