06 September 2005

Attention, Attention, Fall has arrived!

I'm loving it! Can't be any better. It is so cool and dry, a much need break.
The signs that my favorite seasons has begun: Fall. I am in love.
Things you can do in the fall while looking Fabulous:

1. Let your locks hang down, blowing in the wind.
2. 3/4" sleeves back out of storage
3. Watch maintenance rack up leaves while wearing a scarf
4. Not sweating the moment you step out side
5. Sipping tea while your boyfriend takes out the trash
6. Open up all the garden windows in your apt.
7. Watch your garden pinwheels spin with inspiration
8. Collect leaves that have changed color
9. Boost to family in Florida about not sweating
10. Send mom leaves that she will get all crafty

I just love Fall!

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