10 September 2005

Down to Zero

The name of a really good 70's song that has so much meaning on this 4th anniversay of 9-11. We haven't really recovered from that day. Our lives and perceptions of the world changed that morning. It is a moment that you remember where you were when you found out the news of what happened in New York.

I had just gotten off working an all nighter, and was so sleepy. The shop had been so busy. It was a little after 9am and my neighbor Dawn said "did you hear the news, can you believe it?" I had no clue what she was talking about. And all she could say, while dialing her cell phone was it was hit by a plane, the trade center tower was hit by a plane. He father worked there, an accounting firm. He was in the second tower, which was pretty empty after the first hit, he was okay. Dawn didn't find that out for 4 long hours.

I remember watching the news as the second tower was hit by the second plane. I couldn't believe this was the news and not a film set or behind the scenes of an action movie. I watched in amazement and really didn't understand what was happening. I looked at my calendar and said to my roommate Sandra 9.11.01. long pause 9.1.1. we both dropped our jaws at the same time and thought no way. What does all of this mean. We were suddenly so scared, and didn't know what to call this event, or if it was something that was going to happen to us too.

I still don't know the one word or phrase that would best describe that day. Next month I will be in New York. I have not been since Oct. 2000. I really want to go an pay my respects you all of the firefighters and innocent people that died.

Down to zero just seems so appropriate today. As my Yiayai (Grandma in Greek) would say, forgive but never forget. Learn your history and try not repeat it.

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