14 September 2005

Hello Kitty saved my life.

It is hard to explain, but in my time of need, I looked down and saw the pink box with a kitty cat face and a nice cute pink bow, and I knew. I just knew it was going to be okay. A small pink punch hole that was the exact size of my portfolio rods. The exact size I needed. Not to big, not to small, Hello Kitty Saved the DAY!

The big bad world bit me in my ass today and if it wasn't for AM or Susie Q, Clyde, and Hello Kitty, I wouldn't of made it. In fact, today was one of the worst days that I have had in a really long time. Thank goodness for good friends and the little pink kitty cat.

If I do well in BeanTown, it will be with deep thanks and credit to that cutie-pie of a cat. THANK GOD FOR Hello Kitty.


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