12 September 2005

I have Plumber's Butt.

Working out for the past month and a half has been great with AM in the a.m. (ha ha thats funny). In true rockstar style, I feel like I am getting stronger each week. The hotmama-sieta pants are just within my reach and this past week all my panties have been really big in the butt. Pulling them up all the time is hard work.

I have still not weighed my self, thinking if I don't know the number than well, I don't know. I am just scared to look at the scale. There, I said it. And whatever I did loose, I don't want to know in two weeks that it came back. Besides it is just water weight.

Sometimes I wish there was a machine that I could just plugg-in and have the fat sucked right out me. Like a vacuum. You could eat cake and then vacuum in out at the end of the week.

I have been watching celebrity fit club and some how it has kept me motivated. 100 days of working out and I think I will finally see some really results.

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