03 September 2005

MuchaCha Night For Big A's B-Day!

A's b-day crown
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Like the Hot Mamasieta that I am, we did it up for A's big day. And yes I stayed out all night ( I left at 11:30pm). Wow, I am getting old.
We missed Pallen Poor, mr. I am to busy to come out for a night of fun. But I'm not bitter. We had a really good time and did it up like inner Rockstars we are.

Things that can go wrong on someone else's birthday:
1. Cars Towed
2. Sitting on a wet seat
3. Standing in line to pee when your bladder wants to burst
4. Drinking someone else's beer
5. Inviting Pallen Poor
6. Almost tripping in very sexy highheeled black shoes
7. Looking around to see if anyone saw you almost bust your ass
8. Waking-up and wondering why your still in your Hotmamasieta clothes.

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