10 September 2005


What ever happened to people keeping their word. Did they not learn that when you say you will do something, that you really do, do it. Wow, I feel like I am introducing a new concept sometimes. As if no one had ever said to them, that you should follow through with what you have committed to.

I could say I will do a lot of things, but with out action, you are just as good as your word. I feel like I'm in slow motion watching a bad 50s' teen movie and agreeing with the guy...
"Hey hon, why all all talk and no action." It is just sick.

And what really irritates me is when someone does a half ass-job of committing. Shows up some of the time, or lets you know right before meeting. I want to pull out my hair! And they don't do it once, but over and over... and the reasons become more ridiculous and irresponsible.

I guess it is better when they do that then NOT SHOWING UP AT ALL! NO CALL, EMAIL, NOTHING. I swear I feel like I got stood up on a date or I'm all dressed up for a formal and the date doesn't show up. Looking my best with no where to go. WORD!

PLEASE DEAR LORD: My one request of the day, is to not put people in my life, who abuse my commitment to them. You give them a hand and they take your arm. Not all people are like that and things do happen, but over and over again and I have had enough.

OH! what is really rich is when they question my own responsibility. OH! thats good, someone who can't follow through, who is late for everything, unorganized, doesn't show up at meetings is now going to question my word. Rich, really rich.

As you can see, I have had enough with the bullshit. Love, Peace and understanding is what I want to do each and everyday and today it will be hard.

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