26 October 2005

Good Luck to My PC PEEPS

Congrats! and Good Luck!

I am so proud of all of you. In some many ways you all have transformed from when we all first meet 2 years ago. I am proud of all your accomplishments and I wish you big bank accounts and fat wallets.

You have earned it! Enjoy New York, and the next few months finding your first fabulous job. Please drop me aline every now and then.

Many blesses, and good luck!

Joke of the day is back!

My favorite Joke

What did the Hanger say to the Hat?

"You go on ahead, and I'll hang around."

New York New York

I was planning on going to New York this week, instead I have decided to go home until Monday. So old folks and retirees here I come. The land of tourism and pink flamingos.

I miss Florida and it will be good to be back near the water and my peeps. The Big Fat Greek Family is expecting me and I am sure they have already planned my schedule.

Grandma Milly, is not having a funeral or a memorial she was never very religious. It is sad. This person existed and it seems as though not one really cared that she is gone now. So, Mom and I have pushed to have something at the Orthodox Church. We can't really have a service in her name but after Sunday services, we can say some prayers for her sole.

It is still hard to believe that there will be no formal service in her honor. I guess that is way faith is so important. It marks our life events. Birth, coming to adulthood, marriage, and death. Without faith in a higher power one is left pondering life's struggles, achievements etc.

One day at a time and the time you give to others is truly a gift.

24 October 2005

Eye on the Tiger!


PC Napoleon says to "keep your eye on the tiger," in his deep southern accent. I think Napoleon has a point. But isn't it "eye of the tiger." When I sing the song that is what I remember.

Napoleon was really helpful and assured me all would work out. He said he would help me get contact in Minn. I am not sure when I will get to the great city. I have so many things coming up.

Napoleon wants me to focus all my energy into positive activities and thoughts. He said one really good thing I never expected him to say, which was that he wished he would of had more of a hand in my portfolio and that my ideas have always been good and solid. He said, he wished he would of pushed me more. That caught me off guard, but I realized he says what he means and does what he says. You just have to remind the good general to do it.

So "Eye on the tiger, sunshine!"

I'm still here.

What now?

Now that I have finished my portfolio, I'm some what free, what now. It seemed like sign-off flew by, graduation came and went. What now?
I have been knocked off my horse as an good cowgirl would be, but I have gotten back up and dusted myself off, what am I going to do with myself.

I am planning to go home for 5 days, then back to the HOT ALANTA for a second round of pack this move that. We move into our new digs Nov. 12! I am just going to keep all my stuff in boxes. Then the insanity begins. Thanksgiving, wedding, and I wish it would be over then but they had to go and have Christmas before the new year.

I can't wait for the year to be over and start fresh. i am still here, with no job... well yet. I might be moving to "Oh Canada" in Montreal for a design JOB. I am working on it now and will know by next week if I got the job.

I am still here and figuring it out. I haven't lost hope just tried of trying to find it sometimes.

There is always good in the bad.

So many horrible things have happen to me in and my family in the last 4 days. I would never of thought it could get so bad all at once.

Thursday was great! I had the best time with Kody and Joy from Project M. We spent the whole day loading computers and office supplies for victims of hurricane Katrina. If felt so good to do something for others in need.

The 3 of us come home to my apt. to find someone who had broken in my apt. window and stolen my computer. This was the day before graduation. The first thing I thought was, I didn't back up my handheld books. Then I freaked out.

The police came a lifted 3 prints off the glass that was broken, and the door handle. I hope they catch who ever stole my computer, but I don't think I will ever see that thing again. It was the only thing I worked for and paid for on my own. And as a designer, I can't do my work without it. It would be like going to a hospital and the nurse saying sorry I don't have any drugs or blood to give you.

It gets worse.........

30mins later I call my mother to let her know what happened and she tells me my grandmother has pass away earlier that day. She was diagnosed with colin caner in Sept. She died weighing 65 lbs. My Thia Sophie died in June of breast cancer. I was vulnerable and freaked out again.

I tried to enjoy my graduate school ceremony. 7 years of hard work but I wasn't in the part mood. I spent the past 3 day re creating files and making books. I would not of been able to finish without the help of AM or KT.

It doesn't end there... I wish it did.
Today, I found out my dad is now in the hospital.... not sure what will happen there. And now i have canceled my trip to New York with Mom and will go home for the memorial of my grandmother.

I am still here. I have not given up. I am hoping something good will come of all of this.
Many blesses,

14 October 2005

Pin Wheel of DEATH.

I just want to get this silly but done and the program I am working in is driving me crazy. The pinwheel of death comes on when I least want it to. I just need to get through it until TUESDAY!

TUESDAY and I am finished with school. It have been such a long journey and I am finally ready to start a career. Finding the right job though will be challenging.

Many blesses to fellow PCers. See you Friday!

04 October 2005

Procrastination is a good thing.

The real definition

I see procrastination as nothing more than needing to get mentally ready for your next task. It is not a waste of time, but a reflection of time. It is when I get my best ideas. When i stew, fester, mull if you will over what I need to do.

Also finding something else to do other than what you need to be doing is truly a skill. One of my many hidden talents. Not everyone can do that.

See, those who do not understand the beauty of feeling the crunch, feeling the stress, can't have an apperication for procrastination. Creatives alike can understand the shear thrill of driving yourself crazy just before a deadline. Exspecially one that is very important, something you really don't want to fail at.

So, I have embrassed this word long enough. I am setting it free now. I have 14 days to make my portfolio happen. I have procrastinated enough! I leave this word to all the new soon to be grads, this is what I want to pass on.
As Yiayia would say, "It is better to do something, than nothing at all."

03 October 2005

Crap on a stick!

It really can get worse sometimes

My fam. is falling apart, figuratively and quite literally. No-na, has sprained her ankle, had a large piece of furniture dropped on her head and it was not once but twice in the same day. She now has 4 stitches in her head.

Mom thought she was having a heart-attack, went the emergency room and found out it was only a pulled muscle in her shoulder.

Sutt-Sutt couldn't breath and went to the er and I'm actually not sure what was the cause.

Grandma is 87 pounds and says to me all my life I wanted to be thin and now I'm too thin; how did that happen.

Oh and it is not only Fam. but friends around me...AM almost lost a toe, well toe-nail, half my classmates have scabies, which just creeps me out, lady at work has a really bad cough. Seriously it sound like she is coughing up a lung. Gross!

I am just wondering when the crap is going to come to "yours truely".

Scabies, Scabies, Crazies!

Thank you Lord!

My two lovely neighboors AM and K think they have scabies. In Boston, many of our PC classmate brought a little more home than what they put in their suitcases. Infested with body lice! SCABIES. Who gets that anyway. Well there are about 15 people who have it and we all have come into contact with them in Boston, when we came home, at school etc.

K, has even gone to Cali and back. I don't think the lovely twosome have it. I roomed with them and thank the dear lord I don't have it.

Poor, Poor A. Mom wants to give A some comfort. She is a nurse, so her response has to be good. (you must not know my mom) Mom says, bag ladies get it all the time. If they can get through it so can A.

Bean Town and Beyond

Boston was great. Great roomies, great food, not so great weather, great speakers, great paper. It was great. It seems like so long ago. Well now that I'm back I have less than two weeks to graduate. I have sent my thank you's and that has been such a success. So many people now are giving me contacts to firms in Minneapolis and New York.
I keep getting asked the same questions over and over, so what are you going to do after graduation. First I need to finish my projects.

3. Finish my website
4. Interview for Internships aboard or in New York City- work from Jan.to May
5. Interview for Jobs in Minneapolis
6. Have fun in New York with Mom
7. Kick ass at New York Review
8. Too the 9's for A and M's wedding!
9. Make thought the Holiday
10. Move Mark to new appartment
11. Relocate myself in January
12. Have fun doing it all!