03 October 2005

Crap on a stick!

It really can get worse sometimes

My fam. is falling apart, figuratively and quite literally. No-na, has sprained her ankle, had a large piece of furniture dropped on her head and it was not once but twice in the same day. She now has 4 stitches in her head.

Mom thought she was having a heart-attack, went the emergency room and found out it was only a pulled muscle in her shoulder.

Sutt-Sutt couldn't breath and went to the er and I'm actually not sure what was the cause.

Grandma is 87 pounds and says to me all my life I wanted to be thin and now I'm too thin; how did that happen.

Oh and it is not only Fam. but friends around me...AM almost lost a toe, well toe-nail, half my classmates have scabies, which just creeps me out, lady at work has a really bad cough. Seriously it sound like she is coughing up a lung. Gross!

I am just wondering when the crap is going to come to "yours truely".

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