24 October 2005

Eye on the Tiger!


PC Napoleon says to "keep your eye on the tiger," in his deep southern accent. I think Napoleon has a point. But isn't it "eye of the tiger." When I sing the song that is what I remember.

Napoleon was really helpful and assured me all would work out. He said he would help me get contact in Minn. I am not sure when I will get to the great city. I have so many things coming up.

Napoleon wants me to focus all my energy into positive activities and thoughts. He said one really good thing I never expected him to say, which was that he wished he would of had more of a hand in my portfolio and that my ideas have always been good and solid. He said, he wished he would of pushed me more. That caught me off guard, but I realized he says what he means and does what he says. You just have to remind the good general to do it.

So "Eye on the tiger, sunshine!"

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