26 October 2005

New York New York

I was planning on going to New York this week, instead I have decided to go home until Monday. So old folks and retirees here I come. The land of tourism and pink flamingos.

I miss Florida and it will be good to be back near the water and my peeps. The Big Fat Greek Family is expecting me and I am sure they have already planned my schedule.

Grandma Milly, is not having a funeral or a memorial she was never very religious. It is sad. This person existed and it seems as though not one really cared that she is gone now. So, Mom and I have pushed to have something at the Orthodox Church. We can't really have a service in her name but after Sunday services, we can say some prayers for her sole.

It is still hard to believe that there will be no formal service in her honor. I guess that is way faith is so important. It marks our life events. Birth, coming to adulthood, marriage, and death. Without faith in a higher power one is left pondering life's struggles, achievements etc.

One day at a time and the time you give to others is truly a gift.


Virginia Rollins Natividad said...

Wish I had met you and your mom when I had a chance-of-a-lifetime opportunity to go to the USA last Sept 2nd to the 19th.
I met Grandma Milly and I thought she was just waiting for me. Also met your dad, my brother, finally.

Bell said...

Aunt Virginia,
I live in Atlanta, GA. I wasn't able to come down even when Grandma was sick. I am sorry we didn't meet. I understand you had a good time and at least you were able to put a face with the voice.