04 October 2005

Procrastination is a good thing.

The real definition

I see procrastination as nothing more than needing to get mentally ready for your next task. It is not a waste of time, but a reflection of time. It is when I get my best ideas. When i stew, fester, mull if you will over what I need to do.

Also finding something else to do other than what you need to be doing is truly a skill. One of my many hidden talents. Not everyone can do that.

See, those who do not understand the beauty of feeling the crunch, feeling the stress, can't have an apperication for procrastination. Creatives alike can understand the shear thrill of driving yourself crazy just before a deadline. Exspecially one that is very important, something you really don't want to fail at.

So, I have embrassed this word long enough. I am setting it free now. I have 14 days to make my portfolio happen. I have procrastinated enough! I leave this word to all the new soon to be grads, this is what I want to pass on.
As Yiayia would say, "It is better to do something, than nothing at all."

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