03 October 2005

Scabies, Scabies, Crazies!

Thank you Lord!

My two lovely neighboors AM and K think they have scabies. In Boston, many of our PC classmate brought a little more home than what they put in their suitcases. Infested with body lice! SCABIES. Who gets that anyway. Well there are about 15 people who have it and we all have come into contact with them in Boston, when we came home, at school etc.

K, has even gone to Cali and back. I don't think the lovely twosome have it. I roomed with them and thank the dear lord I don't have it.

Poor, Poor A. Mom wants to give A some comfort. She is a nurse, so her response has to be good. (you must not know my mom) Mom says, bag ladies get it all the time. If they can get through it so can A.


k said...

I have it. I didn't know I had it until I woke up with 6 bites and I gave it to my friend in SanFran (she has some on her stomach now. Great). I've now done the cream treatment for it though so it's on it's way out.

A said...

Rolls- I am a bag lady. I thought you knew.

Bell said...

K, as long a mr. cat doesn't get it, because if I could pet him and love on him the way I do, I think we would have problems.

I hope you both feel better soon.