24 October 2005

There is always good in the bad.

So many horrible things have happen to me in and my family in the last 4 days. I would never of thought it could get so bad all at once.

Thursday was great! I had the best time with Kody and Joy from Project M. We spent the whole day loading computers and office supplies for victims of hurricane Katrina. If felt so good to do something for others in need.

The 3 of us come home to my apt. to find someone who had broken in my apt. window and stolen my computer. This was the day before graduation. The first thing I thought was, I didn't back up my handheld books. Then I freaked out.

The police came a lifted 3 prints off the glass that was broken, and the door handle. I hope they catch who ever stole my computer, but I don't think I will ever see that thing again. It was the only thing I worked for and paid for on my own. And as a designer, I can't do my work without it. It would be like going to a hospital and the nurse saying sorry I don't have any drugs or blood to give you.

It gets worse.........

30mins later I call my mother to let her know what happened and she tells me my grandmother has pass away earlier that day. She was diagnosed with colin caner in Sept. She died weighing 65 lbs. My Thia Sophie died in June of breast cancer. I was vulnerable and freaked out again.

I tried to enjoy my graduate school ceremony. 7 years of hard work but I wasn't in the part mood. I spent the past 3 day re creating files and making books. I would not of been able to finish without the help of AM or KT.

It doesn't end there... I wish it did.
Today, I found out my dad is now in the hospital.... not sure what will happen there. And now i have canceled my trip to New York with Mom and will go home for the memorial of my grandmother.

I am still here. I have not given up. I am hoping something good will come of all of this.
Many blesses,

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