30 November 2005

Its Over...

Me and Angela
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This past weekend Angela's big day came and went. I was glad to have gone but the time seemed to fly bye. She is now are her honey moon with friends and family on a ship. I know she is have a good time as the new "Mrs." We all seemed to have a good time. Most people got a stomach flu that day and well it wasn't pretty. Thank you god, that I did not get that cold. They were dropping like flies.

The wedding was a Greek affair with all the cousin from out of town in and it was so good to see everyone. I am so glad I was able to attend. I enjoyed all of it and I spent most of my time with the Grandparents and me mum. I really needed to see them again at such a happy affair. Its was hard at times. With great change comes great things.

21 November 2005

Thankgiving 2005

Thankgiving 2005
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Wow, Thanksgiving seemed to come early this year. Mark will be in Minn. to attend Ben and Trisha's wedding and I will be in Florida to attend Angela and Mike's big day. It is wonderful to be invited but sad to be divided this holiday. So we decided to have it early so at least we break bread together. I am not sure of the reasons why these couples wanted to get married at such a hard time to travel and busy time of year but I am glad to see them find happiness and love that will hopefully last a lifetime. The best gift you can ever give to anyone is time. Time is something you can never get back so as my Grandma Milly would say use it wisely.

18 November 2005

My Angels

Boston Design Confernce 05'
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AM and K are my angels when it comes time to help me with any book making, freak out moments etc. I just think they are such joyful, happy people anyone could ever meet. As you can see their excitement for life spills over in this picture and into their everyday lives. My Angels.

17 November 2005

Copping a feel?

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Crazy night but I am not touching their breasts. Althought I thought about not sharing this photo, but it was to funny. AM face is classic and Joy is haveing way to much fun.

Crazy Eyes...

i am the devil
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I know your watching me. All the time. You Stocker you. I know I have moved because of your issues of watching me. I guess I just got it like that. Crazy devil eyes!

Clyde and I

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Mark and I on a date! Wow a real date.

PC Napoleon Is Awesome

He totally came through for me. He spoke with Julie from Cananda yesterday! Good things my friends, good things. I will get an offical offer from them soon. I hope this week. PC Napoleon, thinks it is a a done deal and so do I. I just need to decide what I am going to do. I would be crazy to say no, but I am really going to miss Mark. I guess we will see.

11 November 2005


Everything I own is packed

If I have everything packed why am I so nervous. I really want the move to go well. You know what they say about bad things happening in threes, well we are way past the number, so I am just wondering when the string of crap is going to end. I hope my gray cloud has passed.
I just love to move. I want to do it every day forever. The shear sound of tape on cardboard makes me happy.
When will it end!

PC Napoleon Cancelled


He is like the busiest man I think I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Monday, Monday, Monday...Monster Portfolio Deadline. Don't Miss it. It is going to be unbelievable... I feel like am at a monster truck event and PC Napoleon is the Announcer with a rough southern flair.

Wish me luck!

10 November 2005


Living up to Code

I am moving again and it wont be the last time. I will most likely have to move at least 3 more times in the next year. I am just leaving some things in boxes until we finally move to Minn. It is just to much. I can't wait to not move for a while. Wish me luck, I will need it. I am still sick but on the drugs, so it is getting better and Clyde and I have been packing all week.
Saturday is the big day! Clyde is so excited because as he says " we are finally going to live up to code." We are moving from a 1940's apt to a 2005 apt. so he is just tickled pink!

Oh Canada!

Find out this week
I might be working in Canada come January! I met with PC Napoleon tomorrow to discuss it with the human resource lady at Diesel.

Here is their website: www.dieselmarketing.com

They have their own in house chief people! Holy Crap! Wish me luck.

Its On!

Yes! I am going to the wedding and I got back the freelance job.
Since my computer was stolen and my desktop at school was fried, I didn't have anyway of working for my freelance design job. Problem solved! "Mr. B" let me have it back after interviewing someone else from the PC and having it "not go well." When he said, "I'm glad you called," that was a shy of relief.

To also make some more money, I am working an hourly at the "TCS". It is great there and they have so many great products. I just want to take the whole store home. I get a great discount. 40 percent off everything! and they pay well.

So the empty pockets are not so empty but they still aren't full because I really need to replace my computer. But where there is a will, there is a way. Not such any computer, an Apple. It has to meet my needs, so not just any apple, but the pro series. So far, when I thought it just wasn't possible it has worked out.

Don't know about X-mas but at least I get to fulfill my obligations for November. December is another issue.

Happy Turkey Day in advance!

01 November 2005

She's back!

With a cold.

I still have a cold but it is getting better. Clyde and I move next week. There is so much to do today and for the next 2 months. I CAN'T wait until Jan. 1, 2006!

My sister leaves today to set out on her journey sailing around the globe. I wish her the best and we will talk soon. How exciting for Miss Patricia! She is going to have such an amazing time. I hope they send a message in a bottle. You never know where it could end up!

My grandpa is adjusting to his new life without Milly. I think it is going to take sometime. It was a good trip home. I can't say to much more but I might write about it later.

Nona Artimis is engaged! and just got into a car accident breaking her nose, and cheek bones. It has been good news, bad news this year.

All for now, more to come!

Nooney, Nooner!

Ode to My Nooner

Nooner's Most Memorable:
1. Flying me out to Vail Colorado and picking me up 1:30 mins late, getting her car towed my airport security and making it the best snow/ski trip ever!

2. Being brave enough to let me use her car. (If you have driven with me you can understand!)

3. Grilling-out parties!

4. Steeling her shoes for ransom

5. Halloween Party of the Year!

6. Completely freaking-out in excitement when we see each other after a long time apart.

7. Being on of the most amazing people I have ever had the privilege to call my friend.

She is one of my long time friends from college and has many hidden talents. Burping the ABC's to grilling a baked bean.

I miss her too much! She is pretty top-shelf! I love her more than my luggage.

She put it so well and I just wanted to share it!

"Damn, do we have a lot to catch up on!!!! It just made me realize that we both are moving at 90 miles an hour and now we don't even know what highway the other is on...."

How true, but every time we talk it is as if we never stopped!