10 November 2005

Its On!

Yes! I am going to the wedding and I got back the freelance job.
Since my computer was stolen and my desktop at school was fried, I didn't have anyway of working for my freelance design job. Problem solved! "Mr. B" let me have it back after interviewing someone else from the PC and having it "not go well." When he said, "I'm glad you called," that was a shy of relief.

To also make some more money, I am working an hourly at the "TCS". It is great there and they have so many great products. I just want to take the whole store home. I get a great discount. 40 percent off everything! and they pay well.

So the empty pockets are not so empty but they still aren't full because I really need to replace my computer. But where there is a will, there is a way. Not such any computer, an Apple. It has to meet my needs, so not just any apple, but the pro series. So far, when I thought it just wasn't possible it has worked out.

Don't know about X-mas but at least I get to fulfill my obligations for November. December is another issue.

Happy Turkey Day in advance!

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