01 November 2005

Nooney, Nooner!

Ode to My Nooner

Nooner's Most Memorable:
1. Flying me out to Vail Colorado and picking me up 1:30 mins late, getting her car towed my airport security and making it the best snow/ski trip ever!

2. Being brave enough to let me use her car. (If you have driven with me you can understand!)

3. Grilling-out parties!

4. Steeling her shoes for ransom

5. Halloween Party of the Year!

6. Completely freaking-out in excitement when we see each other after a long time apart.

7. Being on of the most amazing people I have ever had the privilege to call my friend.

She is one of my long time friends from college and has many hidden talents. Burping the ABC's to grilling a baked bean.

I miss her too much! She is pretty top-shelf! I love her more than my luggage.

She put it so well and I just wanted to share it!

"Damn, do we have a lot to catch up on!!!! It just made me realize that we both are moving at 90 miles an hour and now we don't even know what highway the other is on...."

How true, but every time we talk it is as if we never stopped!

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