01 November 2005

She's back!

With a cold.

I still have a cold but it is getting better. Clyde and I move next week. There is so much to do today and for the next 2 months. I CAN'T wait until Jan. 1, 2006!

My sister leaves today to set out on her journey sailing around the globe. I wish her the best and we will talk soon. How exciting for Miss Patricia! She is going to have such an amazing time. I hope they send a message in a bottle. You never know where it could end up!

My grandpa is adjusting to his new life without Milly. I think it is going to take sometime. It was a good trip home. I can't say to much more but I might write about it later.

Nona Artimis is engaged! and just got into a car accident breaking her nose, and cheek bones. It has been good news, bad news this year.

All for now, more to come!

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