28 December 2005

I Grew Up...

I am noticing more and more that I am away from home, that I grew up with crazy people. I don't know how they do it, but we seem to function as a loving family unit.

Maybe it is because we are Greek. We are not very, very Greek in terms of traditions, but we are Greek in terms of how we can communicate to one another. The volume is never on low when conversing, it is always at a 10.

For example, everyone will be talking at the same time yet absorbing everything the other person is saying. Or we will be speaking Greek and English at the same time. If we don't want anyone else to know what we are saying, especially in a public place, we will speak in Greek. Especially if we are talking about people around us.

Yes this is bad, yes, it is not the best way to communicate. But this is seems to be the only way it works.

Maybe it is because we are a creative bunch. We all want the speaking floor, we all want to be heard, we all want to perform and be stars. This is not all that bad, be it can be confusing at times how to watch and listen to first.

Okay, maybe everyone else's family's are the crazy ones and my family is normal. If you ask PC Napoleon, what is normal you might be crazing into your sharpie while doing 1,000 sketches on the topic.

When we are not around each other, we seem to function as "normal" people... but how would I really know that if I'm not around them everyday.

So I come from the Crazies... it could be worse. So if the reason is being Greek, well I am only half Greek... so that means I am only half crazy.

Mr. Agnew seems to have a cure for the Crazies...Tylenol. And lots of it.

07 December 2005

Best Customer Service Ever!

My windshield whippers have not been working correctly, so I go to Pep Boys today to have them check it out. They were horrible to me and just to look at the car it was going to be $40. Not only is that outrageous, the man behind the counter seemed to act like I was bothering him. Well, I left shortly after and went to the one place I have ever been given the best customer service in auto care... FIRESTONE on Howell Mill. They were so nice to be, they didn't even charge me anything and they fixed the problem. So I went across the street and bought them all Arby's sandwiches. They manager at Arby's cut me a deal as well and only charged me a buck a sandwich. I believe if someone does something good to you, you should pay it back. Those men today at Firestone really made my day and that is the only place I ever want to work on my car. I know they are going to give me a fair deal and they are going to treat me well.

The Greatest Gift

It something you can't buy or return. You can't wrap with a bow or put in a gift bag. It is something we take for granted and sometimes forget to make the most of when spending it. You can run out of it, so be sure to spend it wisely. You can have it pass you by if you don't take it when needed. It can be the greatest and worst thing to have but to give it with love and compassion is the gift of this life.

The most precious thing you can ever give to anyone is your time.

In Memory

Grandma and Grandpa Joplin
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I still miss her...
It has been 5 weeks since my grandmother passed away. I received and email from my Aunt Virginia about her trip to the States back in Sept. She shared her photos with me... This was a month almost to the date before she passed away on Oct. 20, 05. She died of colon cancer and weighed 65lbs. when she died.

Life is short and I now think to live it with love in my heart and mind, compassion and truth. I will miss her this Christmas. It is such a time of celebration, but it will also be a time of reflection. I want to do the things that are most important to me and I want my time to be with those I love and doing what is right and good.

05 December 2005


Update on me:
No ring, No job, No move ... well yet.
1. I did get the job in Montreal, but my government contract to work in Canada didn't go through. The company I was going to work for is not going to hire anyone until the new year or later.
2. On to plan B, move to Minneapolis as planned before Canada and live with Sandy, Mark's sister who lives 10mins from downtown, until Mark finishes is school contract in June. After shortly moving there I have as of last week one interview set up for the last week of Jan.
3. Plan C-- today Hallmark called and said they were interested in me still. They called to let me know I am up for a typography position and I will know late next week. So plan B might become plan C and plan C might become plan B. You know?
4. NO RING, NO BLING, and yes it sometimes stings. Well, Mark says to me it is only a matter of time. To the layman this means, please be patient.

The lesson I am learn, is two fold: 1.Have some patience and 2. be flexible.

So if you asked me if I'm excited, I would say no, but be yelling inside YES I AM, AND COULD SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO ME IN THE NEXT 4 WEEKS PLEASE.