07 December 2005

Best Customer Service Ever!

My windshield whippers have not been working correctly, so I go to Pep Boys today to have them check it out. They were horrible to me and just to look at the car it was going to be $40. Not only is that outrageous, the man behind the counter seemed to act like I was bothering him. Well, I left shortly after and went to the one place I have ever been given the best customer service in auto care... FIRESTONE on Howell Mill. They were so nice to be, they didn't even charge me anything and they fixed the problem. So I went across the street and bought them all Arby's sandwiches. They manager at Arby's cut me a deal as well and only charged me a buck a sandwich. I believe if someone does something good to you, you should pay it back. Those men today at Firestone really made my day and that is the only place I ever want to work on my car. I know they are going to give me a fair deal and they are going to treat me well.

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