28 December 2005

I Grew Up...

I am noticing more and more that I am away from home, that I grew up with crazy people. I don't know how they do it, but we seem to function as a loving family unit.

Maybe it is because we are Greek. We are not very, very Greek in terms of traditions, but we are Greek in terms of how we can communicate to one another. The volume is never on low when conversing, it is always at a 10.

For example, everyone will be talking at the same time yet absorbing everything the other person is saying. Or we will be speaking Greek and English at the same time. If we don't want anyone else to know what we are saying, especially in a public place, we will speak in Greek. Especially if we are talking about people around us.

Yes this is bad, yes, it is not the best way to communicate. But this is seems to be the only way it works.

Maybe it is because we are a creative bunch. We all want the speaking floor, we all want to be heard, we all want to perform and be stars. This is not all that bad, be it can be confusing at times how to watch and listen to first.

Okay, maybe everyone else's family's are the crazy ones and my family is normal. If you ask PC Napoleon, what is normal you might be crazing into your sharpie while doing 1,000 sketches on the topic.

When we are not around each other, we seem to function as "normal" people... but how would I really know that if I'm not around them everyday.

So I come from the Crazies... it could be worse. So if the reason is being Greek, well I am only half Greek... so that means I am only half crazy.

Mr. Agnew seems to have a cure for the Crazies...Tylenol. And lots of it.

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