05 December 2005


Update on me:
No ring, No job, No move ... well yet.
1. I did get the job in Montreal, but my government contract to work in Canada didn't go through. The company I was going to work for is not going to hire anyone until the new year or later.
2. On to plan B, move to Minneapolis as planned before Canada and live with Sandy, Mark's sister who lives 10mins from downtown, until Mark finishes is school contract in June. After shortly moving there I have as of last week one interview set up for the last week of Jan.
3. Plan C-- today Hallmark called and said they were interested in me still. They called to let me know I am up for a typography position and I will know late next week. So plan B might become plan C and plan C might become plan B. You know?
4. NO RING, NO BLING, and yes it sometimes stings. Well, Mark says to me it is only a matter of time. To the layman this means, please be patient.

The lesson I am learn, is two fold: 1.Have some patience and 2. be flexible.

So if you asked me if I'm excited, I would say no, but be yelling inside YES I AM, AND COULD SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO ME IN THE NEXT 4 WEEKS PLEASE.

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