14 November 2006

Making it look good...

I just had to share.
What a difference. Thank you Mr. PhotoShop man. I just love retounching images.

02 November 2006

This can't be true!

This has to be a fake. Some weird artist or marketing trick.

01 November 2006

My symbol might be endangered!

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — The pink plastic flamingo, an icon that has
been reviled as kitschy bad taste and revered as retro cool, is dead
at age 49.

The pop-culture symbol met its demise after its manufacturer, Union
Products, of Leominster, Mass., was socked with a triple economic
threat — increases in costs of electricity and plastic resin combined
with loss of financing. Production ended in June, and the plant is
scheduled to close Nov. 1, according to president and CEO Dennis
Plante. Union Products made 250,000 of its patented plastic pink
flamingos a year in addition to other garden products.

Robert Thompson, professor of popular culture at Syracuse University,
paid tribute to the infamous bird that has been immortalized
everywhere — from the John Waters' movie "Pink Flamingos," to bachelor
parties and lawns across America.

"Let's face it," he said. "As iconic emblems of kitsch, there are two
pillars of cheesy, campiness in the American pantheon. One is the
velvet Elvis. The other is the pink flamingo."

The birth of the plastic pink flamingo in 1957 coincided with the
booming interest in Florida, Thompson said, making it possible for
those in other parts of the country to have a little piece of the
Sunshine State's mystique in their yard.

By the late '70s, according to Thompson, the pink flamingo became a
symbol of bad taste. It was considered trash culture and embraced by
folks with a wise-guy attitude. They knew better (wink, wink) but
embraced the iconic symbol anyway.

By the late '80s and early '90s, he said we learned to make fun of
pop-culture items such as the pink flamingo as well as appreciate

"The pink flamingo has gone from a piece of the Florida boom and
Florida exotica to being a symbol of trash culture to now becoming a
combination of all we know — kitsch, history, simplicity and
elegance," Thompson said.

Plante is hoping for a resurrection. Plante has been seeking another
company to buy the molds. So far, two companies in the United States
and one in Canada have expressed interest.

"I am hoping that someone will come forward and save the plastic pink
flamingo from extinction," Plante said.

20 September 2006

We are Moving and the Job is Great!

I am so excited.

I am now a home owner! Work has been great. Gearing up for the fall. Today we went on a bike ride as a company for lunch. So inspirational. Our fearless leader was with us and it was so great. The sun was shining, great conversation, no one fell and we all want to do it again.

I love being a creative. It was a working lunch. Get inspired, clear your head and go back to work refreshed. I love working because I a re charged here. It is really a great place to call home.

The new site should be up soon and we have some really huge opportunities in the next 2 weeks. Wish me luck and make me lots of coffee.

I love being a designer!

08 September 2006

Blogging Moment

What is a blogging moment? I am often saying this when something funny happens or when I don't have a camera to capture crazy moments.

This is my one year birthday of being a Rock-star-wannabe.

I ask myself, who did I ever live without a blog.

Happy Birthday!

31 August 2006

I'm Teaching!

With thanks to some great new friends, I am teaching this fall semester at Brain Co. Type One! The school is called Brain Co. It will be so much fun to spread the knowledge of what great type is!

Brain Co

Wish me luck!

27 August 2006

Great New Drink

I love this stuff. Focus is my favorite, made of mango + peach. It has zero sugar, zero caffeine, zero sodium, zero aspartame and zero calories. But it is so good. check it out.

Airforce Nutrisoda

We are moving!

Mark and I are moving. We are closing on a house in 2 weeks! Our first home. 1785 square feet of living space with a basement. I have never had a basement before. The kitchen is great. New appliances, a huge sink, and dine in corner. Can't wait to make a booth!

Next year I will have a garden! I can't wait for the fresh veggies. I have been reading about all kinds of recycled materials you can use in your home! They have a counter top made from recycled paper. too cool!

Okay house pictures are on there way!

09 August 2006

Offical Member

"Dear lord sweet baby jesus......" I love this movie. Too funny.

08 August 2006

"I'm a vegetarian ."

Picky homeless people on my way to work. Let me back up.

Last week we went out to eat for my birthday and I had lots of leftovers. Next day walked to work with a box of leftovers in my hand.

Homeless man, "I'm really hungry. What do you have in the box."

Me, "Leftovers, but would you like some yogurt or string cheese sticks"

Homeless man, "No, well okay I will have some cheese." But I'm really hungry what's in the box?"

Me, "noodles with chicken"

Homeless man, shocked and upset..."I can't eat that, I'm a vegetarian." he was clearly upset and could not believe what I had.

Me. shocked.

Homeless man, "I don't want the cheese, I want the yogurt."

Me. giving him the yogurt and taking back the cheese.

what. a picky bumb.

01 August 2006


When your toothpaste helps wake you up... its a sign of the "Tuesdays".

When you have to get dressed in the dark and your coworkers bring to your attention that you are wearing to different shoes... its a sign of the "Tuesdays".

My pants are more than wrinkled and I have client meeting soon. I must find the steamer! I hope its still in the photo studio.

Tuesdays Tuesdays, I just want to go to sleep.

27 July 2006

Great Warrior! Fearless Hunter.

I am not used to dealing with mice. I'm from the South. The most I ever worried about was a cockroach.

This past week Clyde and I found a mouse in the small palace, I call home. I screamed and hopped onto a chair. Clyde was surprised I could move so fast while screaming.

Needless to say, I purchased mouse poison and thought great, he will eat it and die. Then Mom said, "what did you do that for. He is going to die and stink like rotten eggs."


So after feeding "our pet" Harry, for 3 days, the poison in the same corner. I decide to get sticky pads.

6 to a pack! I placed them around with a little bit of peanut butter in the middle. Then I thought okay since Harry likes the poison so much I will put the poison in the corner and then put a sticky pad in front creating a 90 degree triangle!

This is wear I am a fearless hunter.

Okay, last night at 4 am Harry screams and freaks me out. I jump up out of bed, yelling "WHat'S tHat"! Clyde's like, calm down its Harry stuck to the sticky pad.

He managed to get under the air-conditioner. The only way one could get him out was to put their hand in and pull him out.

Clyde looked at me and I gave him the, "I'm not doing that look".

This is wear Clyde it the Great Warrior!

He gets down on all fours, reaches his hand in blindly, not knowing what he is grabbing, and after a few hesitations pulls Harry out.

We through him in a garbage bag and the fearless hunter that I am, took my catch to the outside dumpster.

good by Harry! It only took 7 days to catch him.

20 July 2006

good bye to barn lady!

La vida lobster is no longer with us... how i will miss all of the funny, yet charming poop stories.

Hop-ppy, hop hop...

The city has bunnies! baby bunnies. They are so cute. I look for the now on my walk home from work.

13 July 2006

wow! i'm slow

too busy to even blog but not to busy to eat cookies... Hi my name is Michelle and I'm a cookie-junky. wow that felt good!

Hope everyone had a good fourth. The Greek Tribe came to the great north for some fresh air and casino therapy. We light fireworks and watch a great firework display from the farm driveway. Clyde and I had a good time with his Mom. We had the wonderful chance to have drinks with Mahnomen Royalty: the Daily's and the Hougs. Riley passed out from to much attention. Uncle Rich open 12 beers and only drink 2. Everyone at the end of the night felt each other up--- remember the Greeks can be very touchy feely--- Billy hide from the camera and we all had a happy fourth!

13 June 2006

We are finally together!

Wow! Mark and I are finally together after being apart since January 21, 2006. We only saw each other 2 times during our period apart and boy was it hard. I am so excited we are finally all moved from the ATL, yet I am sad.

Mark and I did have lunch with the famous and so charming "Fern". It was great seeing him again.

This was by far the best move to date. Almost everything had a home in a box! we sold most of the heavy furniture and we had a cart to haul things form the one place to another.

No physical building to call home yet, but we are now home together. Not sure if that made any kind of sense.

Wow! I am so happy!

Moving Pics are coming soon.

29 May 2006

The Farm

Rob, Kathy, Me, and the animals all had a great weekend. It was nice to get out of the city. Can't wait to do it again.

25 May 2006

Kiss it!

"Kiss my ass bulldogs."

I love this photo. It is totally how I am feeling today. I just want to curl up on my couch and sleep. Some days I wish I was a cat.

23 May 2006

The Studio

We recently are shot green screen in the studio downstairs. It was a lot fun to see everyone so excited. Last picture is Lisa, Melissa, and Liz out on our sky deck. We haven't cleaned it yet. But summer is getting closer.

flying back to Minneapolis

I know I am one of those people who fall asleep and wonder if my mouth was open.

All and all, I was poop, yes, poop to leave Mark. I have been using this word a lot at work. Not sure why. Someone will ask me how is you this going or that, and my response is "Poop". Strange.


11 May 2006

Where's my Rabbi?

I just love this show Shalom in the Home on TLC. It is so funny and really good. I like how this Rabbi can not judge others yet be forth coming in what to improve and how they have gone wrong.

I so need a Rabbi to get through all the wedding plans.


09 May 2006

So goin'

Body Worlds! I am so going. Check it out.

Grandma's Watch and Site

Today I received a package from my Aunt Bonnie. I had an uneasy feeling about the whole thing. We are not to close and it was odd that she was sending me this rather large package. My heart was racing as I opened it. Inside was her business card stapled to a seal envelop and further down the package as a plastic ziplock bag with my Grandma gold and diamond watch. I began to cry. It was the watch Grams had wanted me to have. I was over come with emotion. Neither good nor bad.

When Grams passed way Aunt Bonnie took most of her valuable possessions. What hurt me, and I think Grandpa, is her haste. She did that only hours after leaving the hospital. It was so tacky and somewhat selfish. I didn't even argue with her about the watch. Infact, I don't think we have spoken about Grandma since October. I only mentioned it to Grandpa. I am so grateful to have it now!

She worked so hard for it, saved her money and rewarded herself with a fabulous token.

Here is her site. You can search for just about food and get really great recipes. I love looking up potatoes. Its so yummy!

Wow it is so great, to have something Grams always intended for me to keep in the family.

08 May 2006

Lester, I think I love you.

Orange cats keep entering my life in some capacity. Here is my recent love, Lester, Ape's feline companion. I am just a friend of the family right now, but who knows I could become an Aunt one day.

My orange cat legacy all started with "He-be-Leroy". I will find a picture of him soon and share. He was big and fluffy. Then Fritz. We became close and he adopted me as his Aunt and after Fritz was Peanut.... ohhhh I am just heart broken. I hope he comes back soon. Boowhoowhooo.... sobing.

But for now I, I met Lester and Ape is lucky to have such a love.

Lester is in love with my red purse!

Final words: Pray for Peanut.

05 May 2006

buy for me. please. now.

Amazon: Look Buy FOR Me Please

I need it. I just do.

Tord Boontje!


enjoy! I do... I so want, want, need, begging, pleading for one of his lamps. shhhhh, more of his stuff will be available us very soon. I can't tell you where or when. Its a secret.

03 May 2006


MarshField has Tordi!!!! I love him. I want a lamp so bad. Goober bad!

Ture Sky Color

My walk home yesterday after work. It was just about to rain. The sky was to amazing. I have never seen it so blue before a pour. No photoshop on this one, boys.

02 May 2006

enough said.

Why do I hurt myself...

I thought this would look good on me. Never mind the sitting wrinkles and the wasted 30mins ironing this morning. What was I thinking when I choose this pattern.

Anything before coffee is a bad idea.

26 April 2006

My Fridge

I think food can really tell a lot about a person. Here is my fridge. I mostly buy frozen foods. All I have to do is press a button and in 4 mins (most meals) I have lunch or dinner. Breakfast is a bagel or cereal. Which I open the bag or box and consume. Since moving to Minneapolis, I have only made 3 meals. And those were less than 20 mins each.

I wonder if I will ever cook again. If it takes longer than 3 mins to make, its to long.

Oh! Smart Start isn't as clean as Lean Cuisine in terms of their packaging. But they have something with side panel. The picture of the food is clearly displayed. So I know in an instant what I am grabbing out the of the freezer.

25 April 2006

Why Me...

God let me be a Anut to Fritz and now he lives in New York with his mummy K. So God, made room in my life for Peanut, but now Peanut has run away.

And I have no cat. I am sad. I may not recover.

Something Blue

Everything you need to know and much more. I am calling it "Something Blue".


My Bridal Party Blogg. NOTE NO "G" in "something".


20 March 2006

Guess What Happened!


My first response to his perposal was "shut-up", "shut-up" in a high pitched voice as tears began to flow from my eyes.

It was great! Mark came to Minneapolis March 17th and is here until Thursday. He perposed Saturday night on the Stone Arch Bridge at 8pm. It was cold but beautiful. The bridge over looked the city all lite-up and the lights of the city reflected back on to the great Mississippi. It was magical, romatic and a night I wont for get.

After I told him to "shut-up" in my excitement, he bent on one knee and said it again... the words every lady wants to here... "so whats your answer? will you marry me?"

And I said in my classic Michelle response, " You bet your ass I will!, YES, YES, YES!"

09 March 2006


I am moving again. I will be centrally located in the city. Closer to work and church and well everything. I am so excited. I start Greer Monday! My new place is 5 blocks from work. I can walk folks.

Clyde comes next Friday and boy am I excited. Gally-gee, I am not sure what we are going to do. After being apart for so long, I am just not sure how we will fill are time.

DISCLAIMER: (If you believe the previous paragraph, then you are just not using the left side of your brain. I strongly suggest you being listening to Barry White, James Tylor, Michael Bjuav(however you spell his name) etc. )

I realized his family is way more crazy than mine. And not in a good way. I never like passing any kind of judgement on anyone, but at some point, one does have to be truthful. I never thought of myself as the distant sister-in-law, daughter-in-law etc... but it is sounding more appealing than ever. Sometimes there small town way of thinking gets to be a problem.

They have a habit of just dropping by without calling, thinking salad is just lettuce, and anything that is different from their everyday way, is well wrong. I think that sums is up.

And well, I am very different.

Family gatherings are strange. They don't hug or say I love you, or even a friendly hello when another walks into a room for the first time. Wow, knows why they are like this. Most of the time I am with Clyde so it is not so bad. But I have been up here now for about 2 months.

It bring a new meaning to the value of "homesick".

How About It!

Wow so much has happened in the last few days.

I now am a proud member of Greer. The only bad thing I can really say is, they don't know how to kern. This has inspired me to ask the question:

Why is kerning your type so important?

I have my reasons... but what do other designers think. Yes, rules can be broken, but only in the vain of objectivity. Doesn't there need to be a reason why, for breaking the basic principals of typography? Is type subjective and if it is, then how does one define good type verses bad type?

I am calling on all my fellow designers, to find out what they think. I will let you know the results.

03 March 2006

I'm Out There!

Wow, this week has been busy to say the least. I have networked as much as I possilbly can. I finally have my website up and running and I finally have accepted an offer from Greer.

However, I have not heard back from them today and it doesn't feel good. I am sure they are in meetings and everything is fine. But I took from Tuesday till today to let them know my plan. Well, lets just say I faught to get myself those couple of days to make a wise choice.

More to come from me soon.

21 February 2006

War Paint

Each day I wash my face and put on my make-up. Lately I have been interviewing and it occurred to me, I'm getting ready for battle as I put on my foundation.

Like my blush and lipstick are my secret weapons. I can whip them out and re-touch at any time.

13 February 2006


New shoes make me feel like I can go anywhere and accomplish anything.

12 February 2006

check out!

Play time! Leoburnett

Hey Bitches, I'm gettin a computer!!!!!!

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha is what I want to say to whomever stole my computer. It hasn't stopped me from getting freelance jobs, finishing my portfolio and website, finding interviews in Minneapolis... it has only made my fire stronger. It has engulfed my desire and drive to be better, not only as a designer but as a person.

I am getting a computer this week. I am so excited!

Having something so important taken away, was such a life lesson. I now know that I can handle even the toughest of times and still come out okay. It was a test of character that now looking back on it, I am so glad I went through.

It was hard having lost my grandmother and being robbed in one day. But I was surrounded with amazing people that I will never know how to completely thank. And I was tested to see how much I want to be successful in design. Oh I want it!

YAHHHHHHWHHHHOOOOOOO! Thanks R&K!!! I love you more than feta cheese.

Get Your Ass Well-Mentored+!

Okay I was reading on the Catalyst Studio Blog how a designers grows.

I so feel like I am traveling on this path. I am down to my last few bucks. I do have news about Shea. They took a person with 5+ years of experience. But Susan was so cool. She said such wonderful things. And at least I made it a hard decision. She was so amazing. She sent my work out to firms and is referring me to all kinds of companies. I think I found a great friend and mentor. We are having lunch on this week. She really fought for me at Shea, but it came down to more years with interacting with clients.

What can I say. When a door is shout, a window opens. I have 2 confirmed interviews this week and 2 more I must call to set up a time. Hopefully the people that Susan contacted will also want to interview me.

Wow, I am so excited for good things to happen this month.

My theme song this month is "EVERYTHINGS COMING UP ROSES" Gypsy.

09 February 2006

Flamingos, cha cha cha

They are a hit. I can't wait to start sending out the second promotion to launch my site. Mr. T is still working on it... but I am so close.

Still not sure about Shea and 24 rolls of toliet paper later... I will be speaking with one of the principals tomorrow. The woman I would be working with and under has been sick this week... I think I have been sick with nerves. So we shall see. I don't have my hopes up anymore because it seems like to much time has gone by. If it wasn't ment to be there must be something better in store for me.

So I have been in promo mode. I have 2 confirmed interviews next week and I am waiting to hear back from DUFFY! Hole crap, I am not worthy, I am not worthy... to work there.

I get so flushed talking to them... I start to sweat.

08 February 2006

Okay its 8:56 am....

My nerves are taking over my body. I have done almost everything to contain them. Cleaning, eating, blogging, mindless searchings, laundry, talking on the phone... all to try and not think about what is going to happen today.

If I get the J O B today! Shea going to call today. I already given the what ever decision they have made to God, but my body is reacting. Crazy!

I think I will make breakfast and call my mootie. Keep you fingers and toes crossed!


Riely, my cousin Kathy's dog, was play on the bed while Kathy and I were talking. We were not giving the dog our full attention and he decided to piss allover the bed and on Kathy.

He turned his butt toward me, lifted his leg toward Kathy and let go. He pissed all over the bed and on Kathy's hand. Nothing like pissing on the hand that feeds you. So now I have added to the list of names my mother calls him. Pisser.

We jumped out of bed and started screaming, he peed, he peed... the dog ran behind the sofa, mostly from fear of us jumping out of bed and yelling and because he knew he did wrong. What a pisser!

The trip has been great. I will have pics up soon.

05 February 2006

Count down to J O B

I am almost pooping in my pant ya'll. Oh and happy super bowl. I can't wait to see the ads!

Okay I could find out my fate tomorrow!!!!! or Tuesday. Crap. So the past few days I have visiting my cousin Kathy. We went shopping and I finally have a winter jacket. It is so warm! I am loving it.

But I also go 2 other jackets for work and a crap load of profo cloths considering the only thing I own are jeans and t-shirts.

I wish I was going to Italy. Damn, should I ask AA for a set-up fee? After all they do owe me their first born... well I guess I could take some morano glass instead.

wish me luck. my fingers and toes are crossed.

02 February 2006

Butterflies in my stomach

I am interviewing in Minneapolis! I have been hear for less than two weeks and the time either stands still or files by. I am adjusting to so much. The snow, the cold, finding everything, etc. It has been very up and down.

I had my second interview with Shea Inc. yesterday. It went really well. I meet with one of the principals of the company Tanya. I wasn't nervous to present my work, I was nervous to see what her reactions would be. We seemed to hit it off. She said she would call today. D-day, Job day.

I couldn't really sleep all night. My mind was swimming with ideas for Shea. I sketched it all out. I was brainstorming for a job I don't even have, while yet.

She called at 9:30am today to let me know.... that "an employee had referred someone and out of courtesy they will have to interview this person." My stomach dropped when she said this. I was just hoping to know today. I am reminding myself it is not a no, but wait a little longer to know.

What sucked was she asked if I had a mac to use. And I had to tell her about how my computer was stolen. She said that was horrible. She had a quick project for me to do and the turn over would be to quick to come to the office and work on it. That made me feel more worse than waiting to know if I had the job. I really miss working. I realized that I love design, and really want to work. Its knowing you are able to produce and not having the tools to do it.

I felt so confident in getting that position. I am leaving it to God. I don't want it to be the only thing I can think about. So I am going on a road trip to Mahnomen!

Here are my pictures of my stay so far(JUST CLICK SLIDESHOW, YOU DON'T have to sign in). I will post more after my visit in Mahnomen.

Recently, we had a huge dump of snow. I miss pc, I miss ktv, ktk, am, mr. t, angie, cheddar... my mark,and well everyone, but they are moving on too. This is what we all have been waiting to do for so long. I am really happy, but reflective.

17 January 2006

Personal Logo

Originally uploaded by meshlbelle.
Tell me what you think...

Why the Back word S
Throughout my life there has always been a confusion with my first and middle name. And yes, my parents are to blame.

I do not go by my first name, I go by my middle name. Long story short, my parents were not on the same page when naming me.

My father filled out my birth certificate “Susan Michelle” and my mother filled out my social security card “Michelle Susan”. Needless to say it has always been confusing. I go by Michelle and I will leave the Susan for my father. Why the backward “S”?


Originally uploaded by meshlbelle.
I'm moving to Minneapolis

This week I sent out what I like to call Campaign Flamingo. I have recently flocked Minneapolis, my new home. I sent flamingos to perspective design firms with my mini portfolio attached to each birds neck.

Let hope it gets there attention and a good laugh. Campaign Flamingo will be in full effect. I will launch the post card series this week to all firms I am interested in working for and to friends and family.

Here is a little of what I am doing. (the front)