17 January 2006

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Why the Back word S
Throughout my life there has always been a confusion with my first and middle name. And yes, my parents are to blame.

I do not go by my first name, I go by my middle name. Long story short, my parents were not on the same page when naming me.

My father filled out my birth certificate “Susan Michelle” and my mother filled out my social security card “Michelle Susan”. Needless to say it has always been confusing. I go by Michelle and I will leave the Susan for my father. Why the backward “S”?


Originally uploaded by meshlbelle.
I'm moving to Minneapolis

This week I sent out what I like to call Campaign Flamingo. I have recently flocked Minneapolis, my new home. I sent flamingos to perspective design firms with my mini portfolio attached to each birds neck.

Let hope it gets there attention and a good laugh. Campaign Flamingo will be in full effect. I will launch the post card series this week to all firms I am interested in working for and to friends and family.

Here is a little of what I am doing. (the front)