21 February 2006

War Paint

Each day I wash my face and put on my make-up. Lately I have been interviewing and it occurred to me, I'm getting ready for battle as I put on my foundation.

Like my blush and lipstick are my secret weapons. I can whip them out and re-touch at any time.

13 February 2006


New shoes make me feel like I can go anywhere and accomplish anything.

12 February 2006

check out!

Play time! Leoburnett

Hey Bitches, I'm gettin a computer!!!!!!

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha is what I want to say to whomever stole my computer. It hasn't stopped me from getting freelance jobs, finishing my portfolio and website, finding interviews in Minneapolis... it has only made my fire stronger. It has engulfed my desire and drive to be better, not only as a designer but as a person.

I am getting a computer this week. I am so excited!

Having something so important taken away, was such a life lesson. I now know that I can handle even the toughest of times and still come out okay. It was a test of character that now looking back on it, I am so glad I went through.

It was hard having lost my grandmother and being robbed in one day. But I was surrounded with amazing people that I will never know how to completely thank. And I was tested to see how much I want to be successful in design. Oh I want it!

YAHHHHHHWHHHHOOOOOOO! Thanks R&K!!! I love you more than feta cheese.

Get Your Ass Well-Mentored+!

Okay I was reading on the Catalyst Studio Blog how a designers grows.

I so feel like I am traveling on this path. I am down to my last few bucks. I do have news about Shea. They took a person with 5+ years of experience. But Susan was so cool. She said such wonderful things. And at least I made it a hard decision. She was so amazing. She sent my work out to firms and is referring me to all kinds of companies. I think I found a great friend and mentor. We are having lunch on this week. She really fought for me at Shea, but it came down to more years with interacting with clients.

What can I say. When a door is shout, a window opens. I have 2 confirmed interviews this week and 2 more I must call to set up a time. Hopefully the people that Susan contacted will also want to interview me.

Wow, I am so excited for good things to happen this month.

My theme song this month is "EVERYTHINGS COMING UP ROSES" Gypsy.

09 February 2006

Flamingos, cha cha cha

They are a hit. I can't wait to start sending out the second promotion to launch my site. Mr. T is still working on it... but I am so close.

Still not sure about Shea and 24 rolls of toliet paper later... I will be speaking with one of the principals tomorrow. The woman I would be working with and under has been sick this week... I think I have been sick with nerves. So we shall see. I don't have my hopes up anymore because it seems like to much time has gone by. If it wasn't ment to be there must be something better in store for me.

So I have been in promo mode. I have 2 confirmed interviews next week and I am waiting to hear back from DUFFY! Hole crap, I am not worthy, I am not worthy... to work there.

I get so flushed talking to them... I start to sweat.

08 February 2006

Okay its 8:56 am....

My nerves are taking over my body. I have done almost everything to contain them. Cleaning, eating, blogging, mindless searchings, laundry, talking on the phone... all to try and not think about what is going to happen today.

If I get the J O B today! Shea going to call today. I already given the what ever decision they have made to God, but my body is reacting. Crazy!

I think I will make breakfast and call my mootie. Keep you fingers and toes crossed!


Riely, my cousin Kathy's dog, was play on the bed while Kathy and I were talking. We were not giving the dog our full attention and he decided to piss allover the bed and on Kathy.

He turned his butt toward me, lifted his leg toward Kathy and let go. He pissed all over the bed and on Kathy's hand. Nothing like pissing on the hand that feeds you. So now I have added to the list of names my mother calls him. Pisser.

We jumped out of bed and started screaming, he peed, he peed... the dog ran behind the sofa, mostly from fear of us jumping out of bed and yelling and because he knew he did wrong. What a pisser!

The trip has been great. I will have pics up soon.

05 February 2006

Count down to J O B

I am almost pooping in my pant ya'll. Oh and happy super bowl. I can't wait to see the ads!

Okay I could find out my fate tomorrow!!!!! or Tuesday. Crap. So the past few days I have visiting my cousin Kathy. We went shopping and I finally have a winter jacket. It is so warm! I am loving it.

But I also go 2 other jackets for work and a crap load of profo cloths considering the only thing I own are jeans and t-shirts.

I wish I was going to Italy. Damn, should I ask AA for a set-up fee? After all they do owe me their first born... well I guess I could take some morano glass instead.

wish me luck. my fingers and toes are crossed.

02 February 2006

Butterflies in my stomach

I am interviewing in Minneapolis! I have been hear for less than two weeks and the time either stands still or files by. I am adjusting to so much. The snow, the cold, finding everything, etc. It has been very up and down.

I had my second interview with Shea Inc. yesterday. It went really well. I meet with one of the principals of the company Tanya. I wasn't nervous to present my work, I was nervous to see what her reactions would be. We seemed to hit it off. She said she would call today. D-day, Job day.

I couldn't really sleep all night. My mind was swimming with ideas for Shea. I sketched it all out. I was brainstorming for a job I don't even have, while yet.

She called at 9:30am today to let me know.... that "an employee had referred someone and out of courtesy they will have to interview this person." My stomach dropped when she said this. I was just hoping to know today. I am reminding myself it is not a no, but wait a little longer to know.

What sucked was she asked if I had a mac to use. And I had to tell her about how my computer was stolen. She said that was horrible. She had a quick project for me to do and the turn over would be to quick to come to the office and work on it. That made me feel more worse than waiting to know if I had the job. I really miss working. I realized that I love design, and really want to work. Its knowing you are able to produce and not having the tools to do it.

I felt so confident in getting that position. I am leaving it to God. I don't want it to be the only thing I can think about. So I am going on a road trip to Mahnomen!

Here are my pictures of my stay so far(JUST CLICK SLIDESHOW, YOU DON'T have to sign in). I will post more after my visit in Mahnomen.

Recently, we had a huge dump of snow. I miss pc, I miss ktv, ktk, am, mr. t, angie, cheddar... my mark,and well everyone, but they are moving on too. This is what we all have been waiting to do for so long. I am really happy, but reflective.