02 February 2006

Butterflies in my stomach

I am interviewing in Minneapolis! I have been hear for less than two weeks and the time either stands still or files by. I am adjusting to so much. The snow, the cold, finding everything, etc. It has been very up and down.

I had my second interview with Shea Inc. yesterday. It went really well. I meet with one of the principals of the company Tanya. I wasn't nervous to present my work, I was nervous to see what her reactions would be. We seemed to hit it off. She said she would call today. D-day, Job day.

I couldn't really sleep all night. My mind was swimming with ideas for Shea. I sketched it all out. I was brainstorming for a job I don't even have, while yet.

She called at 9:30am today to let me know.... that "an employee had referred someone and out of courtesy they will have to interview this person." My stomach dropped when she said this. I was just hoping to know today. I am reminding myself it is not a no, but wait a little longer to know.

What sucked was she asked if I had a mac to use. And I had to tell her about how my computer was stolen. She said that was horrible. She had a quick project for me to do and the turn over would be to quick to come to the office and work on it. That made me feel more worse than waiting to know if I had the job. I really miss working. I realized that I love design, and really want to work. Its knowing you are able to produce and not having the tools to do it.

I felt so confident in getting that position. I am leaving it to God. I don't want it to be the only thing I can think about. So I am going on a road trip to Mahnomen!

Here are my pictures of my stay so far(JUST CLICK SLIDESHOW, YOU DON'T have to sign in). I will post more after my visit in Mahnomen.

Recently, we had a huge dump of snow. I miss pc, I miss ktv, ktk, am, mr. t, angie, cheddar... my mark,and well everyone, but they are moving on too. This is what we all have been waiting to do for so long. I am really happy, but reflective.

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