09 February 2006

Flamingos, cha cha cha

They are a hit. I can't wait to start sending out the second promotion to launch my site. Mr. T is still working on it... but I am so close.

Still not sure about Shea and 24 rolls of toliet paper later... I will be speaking with one of the principals tomorrow. The woman I would be working with and under has been sick this week... I think I have been sick with nerves. So we shall see. I don't have my hopes up anymore because it seems like to much time has gone by. If it wasn't ment to be there must be something better in store for me.

So I have been in promo mode. I have 2 confirmed interviews next week and I am waiting to hear back from DUFFY! Hole crap, I am not worthy, I am not worthy... to work there.

I get so flushed talking to them... I start to sweat.