20 March 2006

Guess What Happened!


My first response to his perposal was "shut-up", "shut-up" in a high pitched voice as tears began to flow from my eyes.

It was great! Mark came to Minneapolis March 17th and is here until Thursday. He perposed Saturday night on the Stone Arch Bridge at 8pm. It was cold but beautiful. The bridge over looked the city all lite-up and the lights of the city reflected back on to the great Mississippi. It was magical, romatic and a night I wont for get.

After I told him to "shut-up" in my excitement, he bent on one knee and said it again... the words every lady wants to here... "so whats your answer? will you marry me?"

And I said in my classic Michelle response, " You bet your ass I will!, YES, YES, YES!"

09 March 2006


I am moving again. I will be centrally located in the city. Closer to work and church and well everything. I am so excited. I start Greer Monday! My new place is 5 blocks from work. I can walk folks.

Clyde comes next Friday and boy am I excited. Gally-gee, I am not sure what we are going to do. After being apart for so long, I am just not sure how we will fill are time.

DISCLAIMER: (If you believe the previous paragraph, then you are just not using the left side of your brain. I strongly suggest you being listening to Barry White, James Tylor, Michael Bjuav(however you spell his name) etc. )

I realized his family is way more crazy than mine. And not in a good way. I never like passing any kind of judgement on anyone, but at some point, one does have to be truthful. I never thought of myself as the distant sister-in-law, daughter-in-law etc... but it is sounding more appealing than ever. Sometimes there small town way of thinking gets to be a problem.

They have a habit of just dropping by without calling, thinking salad is just lettuce, and anything that is different from their everyday way, is well wrong. I think that sums is up.

And well, I am very different.

Family gatherings are strange. They don't hug or say I love you, or even a friendly hello when another walks into a room for the first time. Wow, knows why they are like this. Most of the time I am with Clyde so it is not so bad. But I have been up here now for about 2 months.

It bring a new meaning to the value of "homesick".

How About It!

Wow so much has happened in the last few days.

I now am a proud member of Greer. The only bad thing I can really say is, they don't know how to kern. This has inspired me to ask the question:

Why is kerning your type so important?

I have my reasons... but what do other designers think. Yes, rules can be broken, but only in the vain of objectivity. Doesn't there need to be a reason why, for breaking the basic principals of typography? Is type subjective and if it is, then how does one define good type verses bad type?

I am calling on all my fellow designers, to find out what they think. I will let you know the results.

03 March 2006

I'm Out There!

Wow, this week has been busy to say the least. I have networked as much as I possilbly can. I finally have my website up and running and I finally have accepted an offer from Greer.

However, I have not heard back from them today and it doesn't feel good. I am sure they are in meetings and everything is fine. But I took from Tuesday till today to let them know my plan. Well, lets just say I faught to get myself those couple of days to make a wise choice.

More to come from me soon.