20 March 2006

Guess What Happened!


My first response to his perposal was "shut-up", "shut-up" in a high pitched voice as tears began to flow from my eyes.

It was great! Mark came to Minneapolis March 17th and is here until Thursday. He perposed Saturday night on the Stone Arch Bridge at 8pm. It was cold but beautiful. The bridge over looked the city all lite-up and the lights of the city reflected back on to the great Mississippi. It was magical, romatic and a night I wont for get.

After I told him to "shut-up" in my excitement, he bent on one knee and said it again... the words every lady wants to here... "so whats your answer? will you marry me?"

And I said in my classic Michelle response, " You bet your ass I will!, YES, YES, YES!"


nws said...

woo hoo!

k said...

Super congrats.

angie said...