09 March 2006


I am moving again. I will be centrally located in the city. Closer to work and church and well everything. I am so excited. I start Greer Monday! My new place is 5 blocks from work. I can walk folks.

Clyde comes next Friday and boy am I excited. Gally-gee, I am not sure what we are going to do. After being apart for so long, I am just not sure how we will fill are time.

DISCLAIMER: (If you believe the previous paragraph, then you are just not using the left side of your brain. I strongly suggest you being listening to Barry White, James Tylor, Michael Bjuav(however you spell his name) etc. )

I realized his family is way more crazy than mine. And not in a good way. I never like passing any kind of judgement on anyone, but at some point, one does have to be truthful. I never thought of myself as the distant sister-in-law, daughter-in-law etc... but it is sounding more appealing than ever. Sometimes there small town way of thinking gets to be a problem.

They have a habit of just dropping by without calling, thinking salad is just lettuce, and anything that is different from their everyday way, is well wrong. I think that sums is up.

And well, I am very different.

Family gatherings are strange. They don't hug or say I love you, or even a friendly hello when another walks into a room for the first time. Wow, knows why they are like this. Most of the time I am with Clyde so it is not so bad. But I have been up here now for about 2 months.

It bring a new meaning to the value of "homesick".

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