29 May 2006

The Farm

Rob, Kathy, Me, and the animals all had a great weekend. It was nice to get out of the city. Can't wait to do it again.

25 May 2006

Kiss it!

"Kiss my ass bulldogs."

I love this photo. It is totally how I am feeling today. I just want to curl up on my couch and sleep. Some days I wish I was a cat.

23 May 2006

The Studio

We recently are shot green screen in the studio downstairs. It was a lot fun to see everyone so excited. Last picture is Lisa, Melissa, and Liz out on our sky deck. We haven't cleaned it yet. But summer is getting closer.

flying back to Minneapolis

I know I am one of those people who fall asleep and wonder if my mouth was open.

All and all, I was poop, yes, poop to leave Mark. I have been using this word a lot at work. Not sure why. Someone will ask me how is you this going or that, and my response is "Poop". Strange.


11 May 2006

Where's my Rabbi?

I just love this show Shalom in the Home on TLC. It is so funny and really good. I like how this Rabbi can not judge others yet be forth coming in what to improve and how they have gone wrong.

I so need a Rabbi to get through all the wedding plans.


09 May 2006

So goin'

Body Worlds! I am so going. Check it out.

Grandma's Watch and Site

Today I received a package from my Aunt Bonnie. I had an uneasy feeling about the whole thing. We are not to close and it was odd that she was sending me this rather large package. My heart was racing as I opened it. Inside was her business card stapled to a seal envelop and further down the package as a plastic ziplock bag with my Grandma gold and diamond watch. I began to cry. It was the watch Grams had wanted me to have. I was over come with emotion. Neither good nor bad.

When Grams passed way Aunt Bonnie took most of her valuable possessions. What hurt me, and I think Grandpa, is her haste. She did that only hours after leaving the hospital. It was so tacky and somewhat selfish. I didn't even argue with her about the watch. Infact, I don't think we have spoken about Grandma since October. I only mentioned it to Grandpa. I am so grateful to have it now!

She worked so hard for it, saved her money and rewarded herself with a fabulous token.

Here is her site. You can search for just about food and get really great recipes. I love looking up potatoes. Its so yummy!

Wow it is so great, to have something Grams always intended for me to keep in the family.

08 May 2006

Lester, I think I love you.

Orange cats keep entering my life in some capacity. Here is my recent love, Lester, Ape's feline companion. I am just a friend of the family right now, but who knows I could become an Aunt one day.

My orange cat legacy all started with "He-be-Leroy". I will find a picture of him soon and share. He was big and fluffy. Then Fritz. We became close and he adopted me as his Aunt and after Fritz was Peanut.... ohhhh I am just heart broken. I hope he comes back soon. Boowhoowhooo.... sobing.

But for now I, I met Lester and Ape is lucky to have such a love.

Lester is in love with my red purse!

Final words: Pray for Peanut.

05 May 2006

buy for me. please. now.

Amazon: Look Buy FOR Me Please

I need it. I just do.

Tord Boontje!


enjoy! I do... I so want, want, need, begging, pleading for one of his lamps. shhhhh, more of his stuff will be available us very soon. I can't tell you where or when. Its a secret.

03 May 2006


MarshField has Tordi!!!! I love him. I want a lamp so bad. Goober bad!

Ture Sky Color

My walk home yesterday after work. It was just about to rain. The sky was to amazing. I have never seen it so blue before a pour. No photoshop on this one, boys.

02 May 2006

enough said.

Why do I hurt myself...

I thought this would look good on me. Never mind the sitting wrinkles and the wasted 30mins ironing this morning. What was I thinking when I choose this pattern.

Anything before coffee is a bad idea.