09 May 2006

Grandma's Watch and Site

Today I received a package from my Aunt Bonnie. I had an uneasy feeling about the whole thing. We are not to close and it was odd that she was sending me this rather large package. My heart was racing as I opened it. Inside was her business card stapled to a seal envelop and further down the package as a plastic ziplock bag with my Grandma gold and diamond watch. I began to cry. It was the watch Grams had wanted me to have. I was over come with emotion. Neither good nor bad.

When Grams passed way Aunt Bonnie took most of her valuable possessions. What hurt me, and I think Grandpa, is her haste. She did that only hours after leaving the hospital. It was so tacky and somewhat selfish. I didn't even argue with her about the watch. Infact, I don't think we have spoken about Grandma since October. I only mentioned it to Grandpa. I am so grateful to have it now!

She worked so hard for it, saved her money and rewarded herself with a fabulous token.

Here is her site. You can search for just about food and get really great recipes. I love looking up potatoes. Its so yummy!

Wow it is so great, to have something Grams always intended for me to keep in the family.

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