08 May 2006

Lester, I think I love you.

Orange cats keep entering my life in some capacity. Here is my recent love, Lester, Ape's feline companion. I am just a friend of the family right now, but who knows I could become an Aunt one day.

My orange cat legacy all started with "He-be-Leroy". I will find a picture of him soon and share. He was big and fluffy. Then Fritz. We became close and he adopted me as his Aunt and after Fritz was Peanut.... ohhhh I am just heart broken. I hope he comes back soon. Boowhoowhooo.... sobing.

But for now I, I met Lester and Ape is lucky to have such a love.

Lester is in love with my red purse!

Final words: Pray for Peanut.


k said...


Bell said...

how is fritz? good I hope

k said...

he's magnificent. thank you.
it's been chilly at night so he's been sleeping draped across my neck. it's uncomfortable for me but i just can't shove him off because it's so cute.

Bell said...

Ohhhh, how cute. Tell him I miss him and his Aunt Michelle says hi.