27 July 2006

Great Warrior! Fearless Hunter.

I am not used to dealing with mice. I'm from the South. The most I ever worried about was a cockroach.

This past week Clyde and I found a mouse in the small palace, I call home. I screamed and hopped onto a chair. Clyde was surprised I could move so fast while screaming.

Needless to say, I purchased mouse poison and thought great, he will eat it and die. Then Mom said, "what did you do that for. He is going to die and stink like rotten eggs."


So after feeding "our pet" Harry, for 3 days, the poison in the same corner. I decide to get sticky pads.

6 to a pack! I placed them around with a little bit of peanut butter in the middle. Then I thought okay since Harry likes the poison so much I will put the poison in the corner and then put a sticky pad in front creating a 90 degree triangle!

This is wear I am a fearless hunter.

Okay, last night at 4 am Harry screams and freaks me out. I jump up out of bed, yelling "WHat'S tHat"! Clyde's like, calm down its Harry stuck to the sticky pad.

He managed to get under the air-conditioner. The only way one could get him out was to put their hand in and pull him out.

Clyde looked at me and I gave him the, "I'm not doing that look".

This is wear Clyde it the Great Warrior!

He gets down on all fours, reaches his hand in blindly, not knowing what he is grabbing, and after a few hesitations pulls Harry out.

We through him in a garbage bag and the fearless hunter that I am, took my catch to the outside dumpster.

good by Harry! It only took 7 days to catch him.


sineado said...

i'm a big fan of mouse-trap stories. i have one that will delight you.

Bell said...

talk to you soon.

A said...

this grosses me out, but is hilarious. i am a fearless hunter as well. with the sting of a great warrior.

Bell said...

Mom keeps asking if any of his family members have come to visit. I gladly say, not yet, but we have the stickies still out and Clyde keeps stepping on them.