31 August 2006

I'm Teaching!

With thanks to some great new friends, I am teaching this fall semester at Brain Co. Type One! The school is called Brain Co. It will be so much fun to spread the knowledge of what great type is!

Brain Co

Wish me luck!

27 August 2006

Great New Drink

I love this stuff. Focus is my favorite, made of mango + peach. It has zero sugar, zero caffeine, zero sodium, zero aspartame and zero calories. But it is so good. check it out.

Airforce Nutrisoda

We are moving!

Mark and I are moving. We are closing on a house in 2 weeks! Our first home. 1785 square feet of living space with a basement. I have never had a basement before. The kitchen is great. New appliances, a huge sink, and dine in corner. Can't wait to make a booth!

Next year I will have a garden! I can't wait for the fresh veggies. I have been reading about all kinds of recycled materials you can use in your home! They have a counter top made from recycled paper. too cool!

Okay house pictures are on there way!

09 August 2006

Offical Member

"Dear lord sweet baby jesus......" I love this movie. Too funny.

08 August 2006

"I'm a vegetarian ."

Picky homeless people on my way to work. Let me back up.

Last week we went out to eat for my birthday and I had lots of leftovers. Next day walked to work with a box of leftovers in my hand.

Homeless man, "I'm really hungry. What do you have in the box."

Me, "Leftovers, but would you like some yogurt or string cheese sticks"

Homeless man, "No, well okay I will have some cheese." But I'm really hungry what's in the box?"

Me, "noodles with chicken"

Homeless man, shocked and upset..."I can't eat that, I'm a vegetarian." he was clearly upset and could not believe what I had.

Me. shocked.

Homeless man, "I don't want the cheese, I want the yogurt."

Me. giving him the yogurt and taking back the cheese.

what. a picky bumb.

01 August 2006


When your toothpaste helps wake you up... its a sign of the "Tuesdays".

When you have to get dressed in the dark and your coworkers bring to your attention that you are wearing to different shoes... its a sign of the "Tuesdays".

My pants are more than wrinkled and I have client meeting soon. I must find the steamer! I hope its still in the photo studio.

Tuesdays Tuesdays, I just want to go to sleep.