08 August 2006

"I'm a vegetarian ."

Picky homeless people on my way to work. Let me back up.

Last week we went out to eat for my birthday and I had lots of leftovers. Next day walked to work with a box of leftovers in my hand.

Homeless man, "I'm really hungry. What do you have in the box."

Me, "Leftovers, but would you like some yogurt or string cheese sticks"

Homeless man, "No, well okay I will have some cheese." But I'm really hungry what's in the box?"

Me, "noodles with chicken"

Homeless man, shocked and upset..."I can't eat that, I'm a vegetarian." he was clearly upset and could not believe what I had.

Me. shocked.

Homeless man, "I don't want the cheese, I want the yogurt."

Me. giving him the yogurt and taking back the cheese.

what. a picky bumb.

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