20 September 2006

We are Moving and the Job is Great!

I am so excited.

I am now a home owner! Work has been great. Gearing up for the fall. Today we went on a bike ride as a company for lunch. So inspirational. Our fearless leader was with us and it was so great. The sun was shining, great conversation, no one fell and we all want to do it again.

I love being a creative. It was a working lunch. Get inspired, clear your head and go back to work refreshed. I love working because I a re charged here. It is really a great place to call home.

The new site should be up soon and we have some really huge opportunities in the next 2 weeks. Wish me luck and make me lots of coffee.

I love being a designer!

08 September 2006

Blogging Moment

What is a blogging moment? I am often saying this when something funny happens or when I don't have a camera to capture crazy moments.

This is my one year birthday of being a Rock-star-wannabe.

I ask myself, who did I ever live without a blog.

Happy Birthday!