31 January 2007

New Job Celebration!

New Job Celebration!

Little Kitty!

We are getting a CAT! Little Kitty is what I am calling her for now. Like the Native Americans I must wait and see what her personality is like before committing to a name.

Jesse one of Ape's good friends is moving and needed to find a good home for Little Kitty. Oh she is to cute. Adoption and a new job... what more could I ask for?!

26 January 2007

I want to go!

HOW CONFERENCE in Hotlanta! I wish I could go. Dave Werner fellow Portfolio Center Grad will be presenting his most amazing digital portfolio called Okay Dave. A must see. He will be joining Hank Richardson and many other great creatives. I wish I could go. It would be so much fun.

Speaker at HOW 2007

25 January 2007


I can now call PERISCOPE home! Yesterday I accepted the a position as their new designer!

Cheryl is one of the most amazing people that I met on this journey to a new job. We hit it off immediately. I still can't believe I will be working for and with such an amazing person who just happens to be a designer. Our first meeting was when she had just arrived back after her trip to India. Check Cheryl out on the Periscope site. I am so grateful of this opportunity and so elated to be working with Cheryl!