13 February 2007

Are we ready?

Wow. Look at those Logos. Sen. Obama making a stands of change. Hilton a simple refresh of what has been done before. Prediction. We will read something soon about the "look and feel" of each Senators identities.

Obama's logo is a "new day" in america. Yes. The globe has been done before. Yes. The flag is represented. In all fairness it is a good mark for what it is. But answer me this... do I really need a url as a tagline when I'm already on the site? I can understand if this lock-up is on a t-shirt, mug, pen, banner, sticker...etc. I miss the days of a good tagline, solgan of sorts.
Maybe it is still early enough that this lock-up may change and the public may get a tagline after all or a one, two, three, solgan.

Cliton's logo is a literation of what has been done before. Not to offend and not to reinvent the political charge of a presidential election. I guess when your a female running for president you have enough social change to deal with. Having a uniquely different look and feel from what has been done before, would be to drastic.(sarcasim my dear) Frankly, I was excited to hear she was running, but the designer in me was disappointed to see another serif typeface and flag treatment.

This election is going to be an interesting one no matter what the canidates logos look like. I hope one of them makes it to the primary election! Question: Will more women vote if Cliton makes it to the Primary?

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Ape said...

honestly. i love to critique design just as much as the designer next to me but in this arena i wish we'd just listen. stop analyzing and judging them for every move they make, everything they say - every decision- because if we didn't would it be possible that they could feel more free to be more honest?

i'm so ecstatic that we have 2 amazing people bidding. i couldn't say who i'd prefer to win the nomination at this point but i know that i'd vote for either in '08.