06 February 2007

new digs!

First Day! Sucessful. Woke-up to a huge traffic jam, but made it in on time. Yes!

I shook more hands today than ever before. Everyone has just been so amazing and kind. Extremely creative people! Oh course I was a total dork, full of excitement and energy. Went to lunch with most of the creative team. Great food.
Later in the day I discovered my office. I have never had a door before. Should be interesting. The monitor I have to work off of is larger than my T.V. at home.
I am going to love it here.

1 comment:

ape said...

i can't wait to see your office when you're all settled in. so jealous that you have a door!

i had that monitor at IH. they are really nice. Mine at L&C is a little smaller than that but I have 2 monitors.

also have the wacom tablet. you'll love it. KLAMM uses hers for everything. I just use mine to draw.