02 March 2007

Many Hats.

Lately I have been pulled is many directions. I am a people-pleasure by nature, but lately I have had to do what is right for me. Learning when to say no, when to ask for a second option and knowing what is right for me to do has been difficult. Students often ask what it is like after you settle into a job and being working. For me it has been a constant race of time. Always fighting the clock for a few more hours doing one thing or another.

Working full-time as a designer has been really rewarding. I love my job. Not a day goes by and I don't thank my lucky stars for getting to work for and with the people I do. It is truly wonderful. Peaks and valleys of work flow and amazingly talented group of people. I am truly lucky to call Periscope my home.

Having said that I still have my freelance, teaching and JCP. I am still in transition mode. It seems like I let one of these groups down because my important priorities are full-time and teaching.

The wedding has been joyful to plan, but at the same time there are so many things to manage and do and pay for all at once. Busy is an understatement for what any given week is like for me. But I love design an I love teaching. They are so rewarding.

The number one question lately that I get from graduate students is, "What did you learn after graduating Portfolio Center?" I guess I am still figuring that out. One thing would be the many hats you wear and knowing when to take one hat off and put another on.

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