22 May 2007

Need to Stop and Smell the Roses

I have been so busy lately. No time, well for anything. This is one of the most busiest times in my life. I'm getting married in 32 day! What. When? To who? It is so hard to believe that this is actually going to happen. I found out my Dad is not doing all that well and my Grandpa isn't either. They both are very much so touch and go.They have good days and bad days, but no real certain terms. This is good in so many ways. I have so much to be thankful for. I have them for another day. What could be better than that right now. The idea is to not jump to conclusions on their fate, even though to many it would feel really good to know when each is going to go. To plan, to not be shocked if they do pass way, to feel some sense of control when none exists. The idea to just appreciate today and be in the "now". That is so easy to say but hard to actually do. Both cases are not simple or easy, but riddled with complexity. Intertwining and rotating each day. When I can not see, I will see with faith alone.

I have been thinking of a good way to send them a get well video card, since I can't be there in person. It may be the start of a totally new blog dedicated to just that... still thinking the idea through. How could other out of town family contribute and how would they view the cards or messages?

Keeping up the good spirits and work. Oh. I gained 3 lbs! HAAAAAA Nooooo! Gym, salad, air! Lets hope it was water weight!

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