12 July 2007

M & M younger (Mark)

M & M younger (Michelle)

I put these images on M & M bags for the wedding reception. People were getting up and comparing their bags to see other photos. It was great!

11 July 2007

Jackie Needs a Drink Birthday


Cheryl, my boss, has this wallflower of a dog. Daisy is too cute!

Fun at Casting

At casting with the photographer and we were having to much fun with iphoto booth.

05 July 2007

Taste of Minneapolis (AKA Mini ST Fair)

This was fun, but I was hoping for more this pure Minneapolis. We had a good time just being together and the weather was so nice.

Lunch on Nicolette (Farmers Market)

Today was glorious spending it with the ladies at lunch. I just love this group of ladies. Mostly designers or have a design background, but it was such a great day to see each other.

I hope I can get more time this like this summer!

2007 4th of July

Mark and I spent most of the day putting together a new grill. (pictures to come) The BBQ was great and the company was even better. Fireworks with Ape and Jack were great. Mark and I sat and watch 4 shows almost all at once. Happy 4th indeed!


Married on 06.23.07!
It was amazing. More photos to come!