27 August 2007

Baby Update

Baby! Babies! Baby.

Here is a spin on baby announcements. For one year you can send out quarterly updates.

I am venturing into the world of baby announcements. I first thought of the animal route but then scraped it and digging deeper. Although animals are great and I think I will still use my illustrations I was seeking for something more. Wish me luck in the new world( too me) of baby!

Visit elum to see more products.

Elizabeth Murray

Murray is a great example of self expression. I love the abstract composition and play with colour. Her eccentric shapes inspire me to start cutting out brightly color craft paper and glue the different shapes to a sheet of white paper.
I hope I get to see her works in person some day.

la biennale 2007 I wish I could go and see this in person.

Brooklyn College Article on Murray joining as a lecturer.

Button Pins

I have been thinking of all the kinds of ways people express themselves. Even in the smallest forms. Even though these button pins do not serve any real function or purpose they are so much fun to look at and marvel.

Badge, Button, Pin by Gavin Lucas Buy the book it is filled with pages and pages of inspiration.

Badge, Button, Pin

Love Pins

Capture the Sun

Sun Jar is a great camping alternative to a flashlight or a backyard BBQ.

Mirror, Mirror

Profile Mirror can be purchased at Suck.UK.com. So pretty!

Best Coffee Cup

MyCuppa is the best color matching guide you can possibly do all day. I can't live without coffee and I can't live without this mug.

15 August 2007

10 August 2007

Minneapolis Bridge



We were save during the collapse. The bridge is two blocks from where I work. Everyone seems to be trying to get on with life. But we have a huge constant reminder.