28 February 2007


The DJ was great! The food was yummy and the beer was cool. URGGGG!





Interactive Party to celebrate the new Treasure Island Resort & Casino website!

Cat Sitting!

Lester and Loui. I am so excited to visit with my nephew and his friend. How can you not love them? How?

27 February 2007

Vintage Betty Crooker Calendar Cook Book

The illustrations where done by Gloria Kamen and Alice Golden. This book was published in 1962 by General Mills. It has not been written in and looks to be very well taken care of. Each month is presented with facts about the month or Roman mythology or excerpts from poems or novels. The following pages are outlined the each day and recipes. Also what is most ripe for each month.

The illustrations and hand-done type are beautiful. I just need to start cooking.

Vintage Arcade Games

This was from my summer. We stop off at a camping site near a lake on the four of July last year. I have been meaning to share.
The colors are so vibrant and loud.

Oscar Favs

love this dress.

26 February 2007

Recycle Fashion I need.

Recycled skateboards from http://www.beckycity.com/

Love this purse. Really simple idea but they are selling them for a fortune.

I think I love Kate Spade.

Jackson Pollock

I love this site. It is time to paint like Pollock. I have only seen one of his works of art close-up as a child. I didn't understand the beauty or the complexity of his work until I graduated the Portfolio Center. If I get the chance to visit NY I am going to visit all the top museums!

Can you see my name?

23 February 2007

Perfect Prom Dress

I was doing a scrap search and found this photo. A condom dress....

22 February 2007

Night Owl Paper Goods

I love the photo styling of this paper company. Very fashion forward and the site is just as good.
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