15 February 2008


I haven't run this month really. I need to get my act together and pickup my pace again. New goal to keep me moving. I'm going to pay my husband $50 per month if I am off my milage goals. I don't like anyone messing with my money. This is the perfect goal to keep me moving.

I have only gained 6 lbs. back since losing 21 lbs. I think it was natural due to not working out as much as I was before. It got a little crazy there for a while. The last 3 week weeks of the challenge I was working out a minimum of 5 hours a day, everyday. Now it is down to 2. But I have not been running. I need to get back into training mode for the marathon.

"Like the wind, Anut Glady, Like the wind". -Home for the Holidays (Movie)

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