06 March 2008

Mother's Day Card Exploration

There is the Mother's Day exploration as a set with the Father's Day cards. I had to keep it pretty general. It was really fun to work on and has got me thinking about fundraisers for my run this fall in the NY Marathon. More to come on that.

Today's Morning Run

03 March 2008

Father's Day Card Exploration

Here is my exploration of Father's Day cards as a fundraiser. One would by this card and make a donation of a nominal amount in their respective person of dedication's name. It was fun and tried to make them as general a possible.


This week will be my first running room class. Really excited about it.

No. I didn't run this weekend or today. I also had 2 mini twix and 3 mini peanut butter cups.

Logo Love

Two logos I that happen to come across my daily communication that I liked.